4 strokes deep eye makeup to make single eyelids into three-dimensional eyes

4 strokes deep eye makeup makeup techniques, let the single eyelids draw a three-dimensional and deep eye makeup. Single eyelid girls will always complain why I am a single eyelid, always envy other people's big eyes and double eyelids; Xiaobian tells you that you don't need to envy others, as long as you spend some time, we can also be beautiful with double eyelids and big eyes. Today, Xiaobian teaches you a few eyelid makeup techniques, so that single eyelid MM can also have three-dimensional eye makeup.

Single line painted eye shape

1, single line painted eye shape

Use a brown eyeliner above the eye to create a raised eye shadow line that highlights the three-dimensionality and contours of the eye, then fill the gap between the eyelashes with a darker brown, then gently transfer the two colors with a cotton swab or brush. This is so deep and not scary. The round-eyed bride can smudge the eyeshadow to the end of the eye and strengthen the slenderness of the end of the eye; the bride with a single eyelid can emphasize the color of the eye shadow at the end of the eye to make the eyes more sacred; if you want the eyes to become bigger, try to make the eye shadow as much as possible. The range of blooming is increased.

2, blooming level

Then use the eye shadow brush to gently smudge the eye shadow line on the eyelids, then gently apply light brown to the area between the eye and the brow bone and extend to 2/3 sides of the nose. This will make the nose taller and the overall outline clearer, allowing the face to be three-dimensional. When sketching the contours of the eyes, the eyeshadow must use matt color, otherwise it will be counterproductive, so that the entire makeup does not look clean enough.

Eyeliner squint

3, eyeliner

The black eyeliner can highlight the eyes of the eyes above the eyeshadow, becoming the focus of makeup. Be sure to stick the eyelashes close to the eyelashes, and the inner eyeliner under the eyelashes is also very important, otherwise it will reveal the white part of the eyelids, making the makeup look awkward.

4, gradient eyelashes

Don't choose too thick false eyelashes, this will make the makeup not natural enough. Recommend the natural eyelashes that are short and long before, be sure to stick to the true eyelashes as much as possible, and also curl your own eyelashes first, so that you won't let True and false eyelashes become two layers.

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