Five reasons for data error in salt spray test chamber

The salt spray test chamber is suitable for the surface treatment of various materials, including coatings, electroplating, organic and inorganic coatings, anodizing, anti-rust oil and other corrosion treatments to test the corrosion resistance of the products. According to the test operation provided by the customer, Ai Siwei engineers have found five reasons for the data error caused by the salt spray box. The following small series is a brief summary for everyone.

Instrument error: due to imperfections in design, manufacturing, verification, etc., as well as the aging of components during the use of the salt spray test chamber, mechanical parts wear, fatigue and other factors. At the same time, various auxiliary equipment or accessories may cause errors.

Environmental error: Any test is always carried out in a certain environment due to errors caused by inconsistent actual environmental conditions with specified conditions. The most important environmental factors are temperature, power supply voltage and electromagnetic interference.

Test method error: error caused by imperfect operation method. The method of operation refers to a set of theoretical applications and practical operations involved in the implementation of the test based on the inherent principles. The error is based on the theory that the test is based on rigorous, unreasonable operation, calculation of test results with approximate formulas or approximations.

Personnel error: operator induced subjective factors and operational techniques caused by errors. The personnel error is mainly caused by the staff's poor resolution, visual fatigue, slow detector speed, poor inherent habits and lack of responsibility.

Sample instability error: Error due to unstable changes in the sample itself. The test takes a certain amount of time. If the sample is unstable and changes during the test time, even if there is a salt spray test chamber with better performance, the correct test result cannot be obtained.

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