Introduce a new type of steel barrel trap glue During the production process, the steel drum in the packaging leaks in the weld seam and the crimping part, which will cause Class A unqualified products. The customary way to solve the leak is to trap the leak with steam welding. After the repair w
Patent name: Transfer roller clutch device Patent No. 5 Publication No.: 2649332 Application Date: 2003.09.29 Public Day: 2004.10.20 Applicant: Shanghai Goss Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. This utility model relates to an ink transfer roller clutch device used in the printing machinery industry. A
The Disney Taiwanese Happy Biscuits produced by the Hamasaki Food Factory in Jiangmen City are packaged in a novel and unique hexagonal corrugated cardboard box. According to the company sales department director. The reason why the use of corrugated carton packaging is mainly because the corrugat
A way to change how consumers consume microwave popcorn was born. The microwave popcorn bag, designed by Exopack, LLC for Insta-Bowl, allows consumers to use Insta-Bowl microwave popcorn bags to enjoy popcorn sharing both in the office and at home. The exquisite design of this kind of packaging b
Paper Box Carton packaging is to promote the beautification of goods and improve the competitiveness of the products with its beautiful shape and decoration. Since the shape and structural design of the carton are often determined by the shape characteristics of the packaged good
b. Shade addition method. Two or more kinds of color light, mixed to produce another method of color, known as color light color method, also known as color light color mixing method, add color method. The experimental results show that the following color lights can be obtained by mixing the two
Patent Name Thermal Package with Expansive Capability Patent Applicant Tempra Technology Corporation Principal Applicant United States Florida Inventor MW Sabin; CM Sabine; Y. Bear; K.J. Pitts Application (Patent) No. 02821750.0 Date of Application 2002.08.29 Certification Date Approval Notice No.