Japan's Curaley recently introduced new-generation "Ebal" film materials. The film has a high gas barrier property, shading, and light-shielding properties, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of deterioration of the packaged food due to the influence of light and oxygen. The
Subnil produces a tube filling packaging line with a packaging speed of 200 hoses/minute. The complete production line includes a tube packer, a cartoner, and a binder that are smoothly connected together. The production line only needs 5 people to load the product and test. Tube Filler: The inde
The best digital version is the first to use high-quality graining and anodizing aluminum-based plate base. This technology has been proven from the use of the regular version. For higher quality plates, high-quality electrochemical sanding and anodizing can ensure strong printability, stable ink
A humanized packaging bottle produced by the United States Kraft Foods and received the packaging award issued by the Atlanta Condiments Association. The bottle has a unique wide-mouth design. A 1-gallon HDPP plastic bottle with a finger recessed handle makes it easy to grasp the knob Wide mouth c