This article is provided to outfit the cool special contributor combat faction. Responsibility editor: Han Da Route: Baoji - Tongkou - 2900 Camp - Bonsai Garden - Navigation Frame - Yaowang Temple - Wheat Straw Ridge - Shuiwozi Camp - Aircraft Beam - Liang 1, 2, 3 - 2800 Camp - Pyramids 1, 2, 3
3D printing technology is a very hot word in recent years. Dr. Zeng Junjun, a volunteer doctor of Medical Science, interprets the surgical strategy of using 3D printing technology for minimally invasive laparoscopic assisted acetabular fractures. At the beginning of this year, the team led by the
The cat-like eye shape is often used as a glamour highlight, and the representative characters who give a strong impression are the actors Han Yiser, Han Caiying and Liu Renying. They all like the eye makeup that is light and rising in the corners of the eyes, sexy and charming. Create a cat-sty
Curtains: With light-colored furniture and walls, the color of the curtains should not be too deep. A light, subtle color with a delicate flower pattern is a good choice. The texture of the curtains should not feel too heavy. High-quality cotton, linen and snow wool are the most suitable choices. S