Foaming ink is made of water-based resin and water-based water solvent, microsphere foam and other additives. Because the water-based binder is used in the foaming ink, it is easy to use and has no pollution, and the ink has good passability and reproducibility to the screen. The ink layer has goo
Chinese name: Test method for flexure of glass material English name: Test method for flexure of glass material Approval unit: National Building Material Industry Bureau Approval Date: 1997-08-22 Implementation Date: 1998-01-01 Standard number: JC / T 676-1997 1 Scope This standard specifies t
In fact, many people think that it is a wrong idea to purchase a large number of devices and use them immediately. Because the software itself is just a computer with a preset formula, how can the answer be calculated without substituting the number in the formula! These numbers are the ink material