The cabinet structure of 1 cabinet furniture is loose, the joint part of the cabinet is not firm, and there are broken and broken materials. The top plate and the slab of the wood-based panel furniture are connected with the nails on the side of the mountain. The process is ext
In the south, the surface of mahogany furniture is lacquered to make the surface of the furniture smooth and beautiful, and the color of the mahogany is more radiant and translucent. The maintenance method of lacquer furniture is different from that of hot wax furniture. This a
A story of a bottle There are three conditions for Li Lao's collection of bottles: ceramic bottles, special shapes, and cultural connotations. Among the collections he collected were the Wonton bottled Chinese Zodiac bottle of the World Federation of Gold Awards, the Peking Opera Facial bottle
Laos Elm has been used in shrines, high-end sauna equipment, high-end wardrobes and gift boxes. The coffin was once known in the industry as a hundred years of non-corrosive wood, and it has the characteristics of a scent, a uniform color, and a beautiful texture.