Times in the changing luggage market how to change the rookie group YOUKE NEWCOM for you to answer

Times are changing, things around us are constantly changing, for example, we usually wear clothing, year after year, always in constant innovation, each product is updated, the bags we often use also No exception, the material in the bag is changing, styles are changing, more and more powerful, today we talk to the luggage network reporter to see the rookie group YOUCOM NEWCOM change it. Bags Network: Please give a brief description of your own brand or business. Ms. Pan: Rookie Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the group is headquartered in the country's three major luggage industry base, China Travel Bags Capital - Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, the Group covers an area of ​​more than 200 acres and employs more than 3,000 people, is a collection of bags Research and development, manufacturing and marketing as one, on the downstream industrial chain supporting the basis of industrial groups. Rookie Group always uphold the "always innovate and strive for excellence," the strategic direction, and actively committed to become China's luggage with personalized customized service capabilities of multi-brand global operations innovators and leaders. The group owns four independent brands of "YOUCOM NEWCOM", "AROUND", "Everyday T & T" and "SINCER". It has also won the gold medal of "China Famous Brand" and "China Leather Mark Cup" successively. Famous Brand "," Famous Brand of Zhejiang "and so on. The enterprise has won the Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center, Jiaxing Mayor Quality Award," China's leading brand of luggage industry "," Top 10 Chinese Leather Industry Enterprises "," Shanghai World Expo Franchise Business ", the only senior partner of the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) luggage and other honorary. The group's main brand" Youxu NEWCOM "bags for the ninth consecutive year as the only designated conference bag BFA, 2016 November for the first time as a Media package appeared on the Internet Wuzhen summit. Bags Network: What are your highlights of the exhibitors products? What are the recommended places in the design and materials? Ms. Pan: rich product positioning, including hard case, soft case, luggage and so on, Hard box to environmental protection, new as the main, prominent design colleagues, more consideration of green, highlighting the care of people. Soft box to multi-fabric-based, highlighting the colors and styles, colorful color fabrics combined with each other. Bag is simple, lightweight style, the most abundant internal, can accommodate a variety of items for a variety of people use Bags Network: The past two years, many brands, businesses are innovating change, this year's CHIC2017 Spring show more to "innovation" as the main theme, showing a number of innovative highlights and products. How do you think about innovation? Your company in technology, intelligence, design, channels, what are the highlights of innovation? (Choose one of the points to elaborate) Ms. Pan: the courage to break the ego, break through the limitations of close to nature, close to science and technology, approaching the real request surprisingly won Bags Network: Fashion popular cross-border cooperation in the past two years, luggage and clothing brand cooperation is also more and more cases, may I ask how you look at this situation, whether you will find the right clothing brand or brand collection shop to cooperate , To create fashion cross-border? Poon: Yes, we participate in the clothing show this year, and the annual clothing show will be attended, which shows that our future cooperation with the apparel industry is boundless. Now we have several well-known garment industry cooperation with bright future. Bags Network: Your company exhibitors CHIC2017 Spring Show, what kind of business effect hope to achieve? Ms. Pan: hope and the garment industry reached a cross-border consensus, sharing of resources, common prosperity! Thank you!