How to install the bathtub

Many people now have bathtubs in their bathrooms, so how do you install them? What are the precautions for bathtub installation? Let's follow the editor to understand the precautions for bathtub installation.

Step 1: Test whether the water leaks.

Install the water fittings before placing the bathtub, and close the water for 24 hours to see if the bathtub is leaking. Pay special attention to the overflow. It is difficult to close the water for 24 hours. Outside the bathroom, pour two buckets of water and try to remove the water from the bathtub. This operation is more convenient. At the time of actual installation, directly lift the bathtub into the bathroom and place it in the water. Because the mixing position of the faucet left when changing the water is just the width of the bathtub, if the size of the bathtub and the water mixing are not right, it is necessary Note that the center point of the bathtub should be facing the center point of the mixing water, otherwise it will be difficult to see after installing the mixing tap.

After the bathtub was lifted into the bathroom, the water fittings were installed, the bathtub was filled with water, the drain was turned off, and the water leak was checked. When the water overflowed the overflow, the water in the bathtub flowed out from the overflow. At this time, I Just lie on the ground, reach under the bathtub, and touch the back of the overflow to see if any water leaks from here. After the overflow test is passed, next check the tightness of the drain and observe the tightness of the drain.

Step 2: Level the bathtub.

When placing the bathtub, pay attention that the other end of the drain is slightly higher than the end of the drain, so that the sewage will not be smooth in the future. This depends on the situation. The bathtub was originally suggested by Xiao Gong. It was observed that the bottom of the bathtub had a drainage slope originally. Level the four sides of the bathtub with a spirit level and put the water on the test. As expected, the water was quickly discharged. The bathtub maintains a visually beautiful appearance without affecting the drainage effect

The third step: fill the sand.

Although the cast iron bathtub is strong, its thermal conductivity is very fast, and you should use Zhonghe sand to lay it firmly and smash it at the bottom of the bathtub. Bricklayers also recommend using foam, considering that foam is not as fluid as river sand and is suitable for filling all voids. In the process of filling the river sand, how to prevent the sand from leaking into the sewer is a problem to be solved. After all the placement work is completed, another water discharge test is performed (this step is mainly to ensure that the moving bathtub does not cause the water to leak), and after confirming that it is correct, wait for the bricklayer to build the skirt.

Step 4: Leave the inspection port.

There is a hole with a height of 300㎜ and a width of 400㎜ at the sewer. Cut an opening according to the size, and cut the wooden board (thickness 40㎜) with waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment according to the size. Use the calculated number and arrangement of bricks on the plate to use 903 Glue sticks the brick on the wooden board. Apply the sealant to the edge of the protruding brick and install it on the box

This is to facilitate the maintenance of the bathtub drainage system in the future. When building bathtub skirts, for the sake of aesthetic considerations, all the height of 600 is reserved, and other materials such as mosaics are abandoned. The bathtub skirt uses the same bricks as the lower part of the wall tiles. In this way, the lower wall tiles, floor tiles and bathtub skirts are all One material per color, very beautiful.

The fifth step: tiling

The bricks of the bathtub skirt do not need to be scratched. After laying a red brick table, apply a layer of cement mortar on the surface and wait two days to attach the bricks. The bricks are very troublesome. Because the slope is left on the ground, the bathtub It is flat, so each large brick must be polished to a different size. It is not possible to polish a lot at a time. It is easier to grind and it needs to be grinded repeatedly. The upper edge of the brick is to be tucked under the round edge of the bathtub so that it will not form a sunny corner.

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