The wardrobe "winter" needs moisture and mildew. Are you ready?

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] is coming in the winter, indicating that winter is coming soon, winter in the north tends to be dry and cold, and people who live in the south for a long time know that the winter in the south is cold and cold, and there is no sunshine. Therefore, the southern winter wardrobe needs to prevent mold. Get wet.

Why is the winter wardrobe moldy?

Wardrobe maintenance

Wardrobe maintenance

Molds are easy to breed in a closed environment. Generally, the mildew in the closet is generally the following:

1, the room is relatively heavy, the board is mildew after damp.

2, the quality of the board itself, the decoration will also be damp.

3, paint quality and technical problems, poor waterproof performance is also very easy to mold

4, the problem of the clothing itself, did not dry directly into the closet or clothing still left stains and grease.

What should I do if the winter wardrobe is moldy?

Winter wardrobe maintenance

Wardrobe maintenance

1. When you find mold in the closet, you should first clean the moldy area. Generally, wipe it with a paper towel, then wipe it with a dry brush. If the brush is not clean, wipe it with a damp cloth. This is very convenient. Remove the mildew.

2, in addition to cleaning the mold with a cloth, we also need to brush the varnish again, so that it can effectively prevent further mold. Moldy is caused by paint problems, so we can use the rainforest for local cleaning and then wipe it with a clean cloth.

3. We can put some quicklime at home, which not only can effectively prevent moisture, but also has the effect of disinfection. If the moisture in the closet is too heavy, you can put a tungsten light bulb in the closet, which can effectively reduce the moisture in the closet and keep the closet dry.

Mold entering the home will cause some respiratory diseases, so we can put some desiccant in the closet, can absorb the excess water in the closet, can also put some orange peel in the closet, can also be cleaned and environmentally friendly, and usually Don't forget to open the window for ventilation.

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