How about US ceramic tiles

The easiest way to choose ceramic tiles is to look at the brand. Meitu Ceramic Tiles is one of the brands of Shuncheng Ceramics Enterprise Group, one of the top ten high-end enterprise groups in the industry. It sounds not easy. Now, let's walk into Mei Ceramic Tiles together to see how Mei Ceramic Tiles are, understand the price of Mei Ceramic Tiles official website, and finally take you to feel its "charm" through the pictures of Mei Ceramic Tiles!

How about beautiful ceramic tiles

1. Brand strength of American ceramic tiles

Mei ceramic tiles was born in Foshan, Guangzhou in 2004. It is a modern large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of "Mei Tao" brand Seiko tiles, high-grade glazed interior wall tiles, and perfect stone glazed tiles. What about beautiful ceramic tiles? Most netizens are asking this question. The US ceramic tile has strong economic strength and already has two major production bases. It also introduced Italy ’s high-tonnage large-scale press, SINCRO Ⅱ roller printing machine, and fully automatic long roller table. First-class production equipment such as kilns and ultra-clean polishing lines. It also has its own independent R & D center and testing laboratory. In just a few years, it has become the largest, most powerful, technologically advanced, and high-quality ceramic carrier-type enterprise in China.

2. How about the quality of ceramic tiles

Meite Ceramic Tile is a brand of Shuncheng Ceramics Enterprise Group, one of the top ten high-end enterprise groups in the industry, and has successively won the "China 3C Compulsory Certification" products, "Guangdong Famous Trademark", "National Antibacterial Council Unit", "Guangdong Customer Satisfaction "Products", "Recommended Products for China Building Materials Engineering", "Guangdong Customer Satisfaction Enterprise" and other certifications and titles. . It has successively established product lines such as polished tiles and interior wall tiles with leading competitive advantages. Polished products include flowering, fine powder, semi-permeable, full-permeable, massive polycrystalline fine powder, no-hole travertine, imitation stone and other series. With its modern interpretation of millennium quality, Meitao ceramic tiles are moist and transparent like glaze More than ten leading quality advantages, such as smooth and delicate texture, diversified color performance, elegant elegance and ingenuity, have won many fans.

Popularity index: ★★★★★

Reasons for popularity: pragmatic style, reliable quality, and reassurance; good decorative effect, high-grade antibacterial stone products, elegant quality.

3. The reputation of American ceramic tiles

How about beautiful ceramic tiles? Needless to say, the quality of the US ceramic tiles has passed the ISO9001 and 2000 quality management system certification earlier in the industry. It is very stable and reliable in performance, and has "Meituo" brand Seiko tiles and glazed surface. Environmentally friendly green products such as wall tiles and polished glazed tiles.

How about beautiful ceramic tiles? The beautiful ceramic tiles are novel in style, rich in color and complete in specifications. They are very popular at home and abroad, and have been recognized and supported by all walks of life and consumers. They have won "Guangdong Famous Brand" and "Guangdong Customer Satisfaction Products". "," Guangdong User Satisfaction Enterprise "," AAAA Standardized Good Behavior Certificate "," National User Satisfaction Product "and many other awards. The future of beautiful ceramic tiles is something we dare not imagine, but today's beautiful ceramic tiles give us too many surprises and a beautiful home life.

Second, the price of the official website of the US ceramic tiles

1. The beautiful ceramic tile series MPA81110 of Meitao Miaobi Wall Specification: 800 * 800mm Price: 153.41 yuan / piece

2. Meitao Colorful Flowing Cloud Tiles Q-MPQ82295 Specification: 800 * 800mm Price: 454.55 yuan / piece

3. Meitao Fenghua Zhengmao Series Tiles MPJ82250 Specification: 800 * 800mm Price: 265.45 yuan / piece

4. Meitao Caiyunfei series tiles MPH82235 Specification: 800 * 800mm Price: 283.64 yuan / piece

5. Meitao Caiyunfei series tiles MPH82233 Specification: 800 * 800mm Price: 283.64 yuan / piece

6. Meitao Caiyunfei series tiles MPH82232 Specification: 800 * 800mm Price: 283.64 yuan / piece

7. Meitao Caiyunfei series tiles MPH82231 Specification: 800 * 800mm Price: 283.64 yuan / piece

8. Meitao Miaobi Shenghua Series Ceramic Tile MPA81113 Specification: 800 * 800mm Price: 153.41 yuan / piece

9. Meitao Colorful Flowing Cloud Tile Q-MPQ82296 Specification: 800 * 800mm Price: 454.55 yuan / piece

Editor's summary: Through this article, you have learned all kinds of information about beautiful ceramic tiles, understand the pictures and prices of beautiful ceramic tiles, I believe you have a certain understanding of how beautiful ceramic tiles are. For more information, you can pay attention to the information on this website, and more valuable articles are waiting for you!

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