Korean pastoral wardrobe effect picture trend winds look here

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the hot broadcast of Korean drama, the Korean style has spread all over the country. From Korean cuisine to Korean-style plastic surgery, the Korean style has swept through every corner of the world. Of course, homes can't escape this trend. Take a look at the Korean wardrobe below, the style of Korean furniture.

Four-door garden solid wood wardrobe

Korean pastoral wardrobe

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Reference price : 1898.10 yuan

Brand : Muxi Spring

Shopping guide reason : pure white teeth color, elegant and chic, make this wardrobe look beautiful. This wardrobe is designed with a large-capacity four-door design, and has a powerful storage function. In addition, a solid wood clothes rail is placed in the closet to easily hang the clothes and is not easy to wrinkle.

Korean pastoral wardrobe

Thousand yuan Korean wardrobe

Reference price : 2888.00 yuan

Brand : Pengjing Yaju

Shopping guide reason : the general door wardrobe is two doors, but this door wardrobe has four doors, the overall design atmosphere is warm, storage function can be seen. This wardrobe has a glass door with double drawers. The middle door is designed with a hidden handle, which saves the space required for the wardrobe to open and is very practical.

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