Polypropylene staple fiber for papermaking

Fiber Visions recently developed a new type of polypropylene staple fiber that can be mixed with cellulosic materials to improve the quality of paper and increase the wet strength of paper. By changing the modulus of the paper, it can be made to have a certain degree of elasticity and improve wear resistance.
The company uses a long-range spinning process, which separates spinning and stretching. The independent drawing process can accommodate small-volume customers with special requirements. The main spinning process can be run continuously to ensure even and stable fiber quality. Since the stretching process ultimately determines and optimizes the properties of the fiber, after stretching to finished fineness, the surface of the fiber is guaranteed to have excellent surface properties.
It is reported that the fiber fineness of this product is 1.7 ~ 3.3dtex, a variety of lengths of 3 ~ 12 mm, can be curled or slightly curled, after adding different spinning oil agents and additives, can make paper The product has a variety of functions.

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