Packaging sheet for packaging pourable food

Patent name Packaging sheet used for packaging pourable foods Patent applicants The Lira Laval Group and Finance Co., Ltd. Principal applicant Address Swiss Poly Inventor L. Guidotti; A. Melissa; E. May Sorry; T. Luo Man; R. Norenstam Application (patent) No. 02822173.7 Application date 2002.10.31 Award date Approval notice number 1582244 Approval announcement date 2005.02.16 Manual Disc number D0507 Main classification number B65D5/42 B65D5/42; B31B1/25 division Original application No. of priority items A sheet (2) for packaging foods and having a plurality of folding lines (4) formed by compressed impressions, the folding line (4) ) Having a concave profile on the surface (23) of the material (2) that is towards the outside of the final packaging (17) and a non-raised profile on the opposite surface (25); the decorative part (5) has a printed area ( 36), which at least partially encloses one or more fold lines (37) so that optically detectable alignment marks (18) can be formed in contrast with them. Sovereignty item 1. A packaging sheet (2) for packaging a pourable food product and having a plurality of folding lines (4); characterized in that the folding line (4) is the A compression line having a concave profile on the surface and a non-convex profile on the second surface of the sheet.

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