Qumei Furniture: Adhere to green quality and reject formaldehyde

Green is a symbol of environmental protection; quality is the guarantee of quality. For consumers, this is a must to satisfy their lives. In Qumei Furniture, this is the standard for serving customers. For more than 20 years, Qumei Furniture has always insisted on green quality to reject formaldehyde. In the process of furniture production, its quality requirements are strictly controlled, and high-end, heavy solid wood materials are combined with international and modern fashion factors to create fashion. Style furniture in boutique style.

As a leading company in the home furnishing industry, Qumei Furniture not only provides high-quality products, but also pays special attention to the social responsibility of the company. “As a home furnishing enterprise, its products are taken from wood, so it is natural and environmentally friendly. Production process to improve product quality, but also to actively promote environmental protection concepts to consumers, we can make more contributions to environmental protection through the power of the enterprise," said Zhao Ruihai, president of Qumei Group. Therefore, Qumei participated in the large-scale low-carbon action of “Carbon Road Future” initiated by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and joined hands with many companies to promote the low-carbon environmental protection of the whole society; spontaneously organized the “Qumei Furniture Large-scale Low-carbon Advocacy Action”. "Together with consumers", donated more than 6,000 seabuckthorn seedlings, and distributed millions of energy-saving light bulbs and environmental protection bags. At the same time, it also started from the inside of the enterprise, and launched a unique "carbon road future, from me." “Starting up” of the company's internal public welfare activities, Qumei Furniture's 600 store employees nationwide, using the “photo + text” way to set off a green wave.

Mr. Zhao Ruihai, President of Qumei Group, said: “For more than 20 years, Qumei has always adhered to green quality and refused to use formaldehyde. From the selection of materials to design, from process to production, from sales to recycling, the whole process of green recycling is not only one. The way of production and management is a huge responsibility of Qumei people to society and consumers.

Under the circumstance of green environmental protection, environmental protection has become a kind of home furnishing. The environmentally friendly and simple and fashionable furniture has become the new darling of home collocation. The home life has abandoned the original luxury and high energy consumption products, which indirectly promotes the low carbon of the home. Environmentally friendly life. Qumei Furniture's consistently simple design style is the promoter of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly home life. Every product of Qumei Furniture strictly follows environmental standards. From the design, manufacture and use of products, the damage to the environment will be minimized. . From the inside to the outside, it reflects the responsibility to society, the environment, and the earth.

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