Business card design and printing

The following are the common categories:

First, according to the use of business cards, business cards can be divided into business cards, public business cards, personal business cards three categories.

Second, according to business card materials and printing methods, digital printing business cards, traditional printing business cards, special business cards three categories.

Third, according to the printing color points, monochrome, two-color, color, true color four categories.

Fourth, according to the type of layout, horizontal business cards, vertical business cards, discount card business card three categories.

Fifth, according to the printing surface, single-sided printing, two-sided printing two types.

Classified by business card use:

That is, it is classified according to the purpose of use of the business card. The generation of business cards is mainly for communication. In the past, due to the undeveloped economy and transportation, people's contacts were not very broad, and the demand for business cards was also small. With the reform and opening up in the Mainland, the flow of population has accelerated, and people-to-people exchanges have increased. The use of business cards has started to increase. Especially in recent years, economic development has led to the development of information, and business cards for business activities have become the mainstream of the market. There are two kinds of people's communication methods. One is the communication between friends, the other is the communication between the work, the communication between the work is commercial, and the non-commercial is the basis of the business card classification.

Business cards: Business cards used in business activities for companies or businesses. Business cards are mostly used for business purposes. The main features of business cards are: business cards often use logos, registered trademarks, printed business scope, large companies have a unified business card printing format, use more high-end paper, business cards do not have private family information, mainly for commercial activities.

Public business card: For business cards used by government or social organizations in foreign contacts, the use of business cards is not for profit. The main features of public business cards are: Business Cards often use logos, partially printed external service areas, no unified business card printing formats, business card printing is simple and applicable, and personal titles and titles are emphasized. There is no private family information in the business card, and it is mainly used for foreign contacts. With service.

Personal Business Cards: Communicate friends and make new business friends. The main characteristics of personal business cards are: business cards do not use logos, personalization of business card designs, freedom of play, personal photos, hobbies, titles and occupations are often printed, business cards are used according to personal preferences, and business cards contain private family information. Friendship.

Classified by printing surface:

One-sided printing: Only one side of the business card is printed. A simple business card can completely express the meaning of a business card simply by printing one side. Currently, the vast majority of domestic business cards use single-sided printing.

Double-sided printing: The front and back sides of a printed business card. Only when the single-sided printing can not fully express the meaning of the business card, the use of double-sided printing for the business card has expanded the amount of information.

According to the printing method of the name card material printing:

That is, it is classified according to the carrier used by the business card. The most common carrier for business cards is business card paper, but business card paper is not the only carrier. Business cards can also be made using other materials. Business card paper also uses different specifications because laser printing and offset printing are different.

Digital business cards: Business cards made with computers and laser printers. Its characteristics are: the use of special computer business card paper, prepress and printing work can be completed using computers and printers, India and then need to be simple processing, printing time is short, Lidengdike desirable. At present, in foreign countries, multi-color laser printing is used for output, and various special business cards can be produced according to user needs. The production effect is better than other business cards. It is currently the most popular type of business card in the world.

Offset business cards: Business cards printed with a business card offset press. Its characteristics are: the use of special boxed business card paper, printing randomness, quality is acceptable, printed and delivered to the box. However, the business card printing of offset printing is complex, the printing process is numerous, and the delivery cycle is long. Professionals must perform operations. Before the color laser printers are available on the market, they are mainly offset printing business cards, which are basically replaced by digital business cards.

Special business cards: Business cards printed by screen printers on other carriers than paper. Can use metal, plastic and other carriers, the use of screen printing, high-grade business cards, printing costs are also high, long printing cycle, the price is higher than the paper business cards, mostly for personal business cards, use is not universal. The business card is colorful, but the resolution is not as good as a business card.

According to the printing color classification:

That is according to the color of the printing ink. Every time a business card is printed, it is necessary to add one more print. The number of colors is one of the factors that determine the price of a business card. Three colors can constitute "color", if you want full color and realistic, you have to use four-color printing, making a "true color" business card. Offset printing card with a simple color, as long as the printing three times, also known as color business cards.

Monochrome: Only one color business card is printed. The frontal monochrome of modern business cards is not used much, and the need for temporary use is more. However, on the back of business cards, because it is not the main viewing surface, a large number of monochrome prints are used.

Two-color: Only print business cards of the second color. Because the two-color business card has been able to reflect the simple logo, the business card price is moderate, so most modern offset business cards use two-color printing.

Color: Printed three times, with or without a light-colored image, an offset business card and a color computer card. Due to the use of three-color energy to make better use of business card logos, companies that focus on external images use mostly three-color business cards. Three-color business cards are expensive due to their overprinting and loss. Some three-color business cards need to print light-colored pictures, making plate making difficult, and the price is slightly higher than the average three-color business cards.

True color: Printed more than three times, with offset printed business cards, color laser printer output cards, and screen-printed business cards. True color business cards are the highest grades for business card printing. It makes the design of the entire business card can be perfectly reflected. For offset printing business cards, if you want to print pictures, you must use film processing to make the details of the pattern better.

However, with the popularity of color laser printers in digital business card systems, color classification has become increasingly meaningless. Because as the most advanced color laser printer, you can freely make the above types of business cards. There are no problems and difficulties with printing in several colors.

Classified by typesetting:

Different designs of business card layout can make different styles of business cards. The business card paper can be divided into ordinary business cards and fold cards because it can be folded. Ordinary business cards can be divided into horizontal business cards and vertical business cards because of the bottom of printing reference.

Horizontal Business Cards: A business card layout with a wide, low side and a narrow, high side. Horizontal business cards have become the most commonly used business card printing methods due to their convenient design and cheap layout.

Vertical Business Cards: A business card layout with a narrow side and a wide side. Vertical business cards because of its typesetting is complex, there are not many design data that can be referenced, and it is suitable for personalized business card design.

Fold card business card: foldable business card, more than half of the normal business card information recording area. Discount card business card.

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