Introduction Advanced Packaging Paper - White Paper Features

Due to the relatively uniform fibrous tissue, the surface layer has the composition of fillers and rubber compounds, and the surface is coated with a certain amount of coating, and is subjected to multi-roll calendering, so the texture of the cardboard is relatively tight, the thickness is relatively uniform, and the paper surface is generally uniform. In this case, it is whiter and smoother, has a more uniform ink absorption, little surface de-powdering and lint-free phenomenon, the paper is strong and tough and has a good degree of folding, but its water content is high, there is a certain Flexibility, which will have a certain impact on printing.

Whiteboard paper is made from batter and all layers of bottom pulp. Therefore, the slurry is generally divided into batter (surface layer), two-layer, three-layer, and four-layer. The fiber ratio of each layer of pulp is different, and the fiber ratio of each layer of slurry is based on the papermaking process. The quality is different.

Whiteboard paper is a kind of advanced packaging paper, printing a variety of trademarks and packaging cartons, such as: children's toys, medicines, food, cigarette cases, toothpaste, gift boxes and other packaging, and have a single and double sided points.

White paper has a white and smooth paper surface, a uniform thickness, a tight texture, no off powder and lint-free, and a uniform ink absorption, small stretching performance, toughness, and not easy to break when folded.

1. Whiteboard paper has a high moisture content. Generally about 10%, due to the thick paper, hang hanging equipment and time constraints, so the majority of printing companies to print without hanging, but often use pre-printed a water solution to reduce the phenomenon of pull hair and stretching .

2. White paper Under normal circumstances, in the printing process to print more products in the field, with a large amount of ink, in order to reduce the phenomenon of pulling hair, printing inks should be strictly controlled the viscosity and the thickness of the ink layer to prevent the back to take dirty. Usually, the printing product is used to dilute the ink on the spot. First, the base color is printed once, and then the original ink is printed again. This not only reduces the phenomenon of pulling and sticking, but also doubles the printing. Also increased the gloss of printed products.

3. One-sided whiteboard paper is prone to curled paper when it is in contact with moisture, which may affect the offset printing. However, double-sided whiteboard paper is better. At the same time, because the paper is thicker, it is easy to tear the rubber when double-sheet, multiple-sheet, or skewed when feeding, so be careful when feeding paper.

4. The difference between white paper and coated paper, offset paper, and relief paper lies in the fact that the paper is heavy and the paper is thick.

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