White pollution regeneration can make exterior wall paint

The project “Using Waste Plastics to Produce Glue Technology” undertaken by Prof. Cai Guangting of the Department of Civil Engineering of Beijing University of Architecture and Engineering passed the scientific and technological achievements of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The results have been declared national invention patents and won the 51st "Eureka World Invention Expo Gold Award."

According to reports, this technology is to use "white pollutants" as a renewable resource, made of adhesive products that are less harmful to the human body and the environment and are used in architectural decoration. Prof. Cai Guangting and others used waste plastics to develop products with fast viscose, fast-drying silver paint, gold powder paint, and quick-drying exterior wall paint. After testing by a national authoritative department, the technical performance and environmental protection indicators are excellent. The price ratio is superior, the production equipment and technology are simple, the investment is low, the effect is quick, and the market and application prospects are very broad.

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