How to improve the quality of milk tablet packaging

At present, “dry milk tablets” has become a hot trend in the domestic market. For this reason, the newspaper interviewed dairy companies such as Yili, Mengniu, Guangming, Guanshan and Liziyuan that have launched “dry milk tablets”. The current development of milk tablets and the new demand for packaging.

New product development speed up blister packaging equipment promising

The hot sales of the market and the shortage of products have increased the research and development of products. These companies are very optimistic about the market prospects of milk tablets, they generally believe that "dry milk tablets" from the taste, specifications and other aspects of new product development potential. According to the person in charge of Bright Dairy, the company’s research institute is currently actively developing new products for “dry milk tablets.” Correspondingly, the demand for blister packaging will continue to grow steadily. The relevant person in charge of Mengniu said that in view of the shortage of supply for the dairy film market, the company will soon hold bid invitations for flat-panel blister packaging equipment again. It is expected that the purchase volume of equipment will be at least 15 units. The person in charge of Guanshan Dairy said that the company has developed milk tablets as a long-term product, and will continue to develop new products. In the new production base, milk tablets have been identified as the main product, and then will also increase the blister packaging equipment The amount of demand.

The four major aspects of comprehensively improve the quality of milk packaging

Emphasis on the improvement of feeders Since the “dry milk tablets” are plain tablets and are not protected by icing, dust will be generated during the blanking process and even damage may occur. This situation not only affects the appearance of the product. , And limit the high-speed production equipment, so improve the feeder, select the appropriate technology and process, it has become one of the key to improving the quality of milk tablets packaging. Mengniu once changed the feeder from "roll brush" to "vibration" to improve the quality of packaging. Recently, in response to the actual problems encountered in the production of dairy products “dry milk tablets”, Liaoning Jinzhou Wande Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has specially developed a new type of feeder that uses flexible (soft) components to make milk tablets. Understand the minimum acceptance and achieve the best cutting posture, thus reducing the damage and dust pollution, providing a new solution for the high-quality packaging of milk tablets.

Pay attention to the capacity increase of equipment In the field of medicine, the performance of foreign blister packaging equipment is stable, the production speed can be as high as 600 boards/minute, and domestic equipment can also reach 480 boards/minute. In the field of dairy products, most blister packaging equipment used by dairy companies at present has a production speed of only 120 plates/minute and the stability performance needs to be improved. This compares favorably with mature blister packaging equipment. Therefore, in order to improve the packaging quality of products, in addition to the importance attached to the quality of good parts and materials and reasonable equipment construction, it should be focused on stronger production capacity and higher stability.

Improve the automation of equipment At present, most pharmaceutical blister packaging equipment at home and abroad can form linking production lines to boxing and packing, which can not only minimize human errors to a minimum, but also effectively prevent the products from being contaminated during the packaging process. The phenomenon of quality decline, thus ensuring the quality of the product. However, in the production of “dry milk tablets”, all of them are still produced using stand-alone machines. The loading and boxing work is done manually. To improve the packaging quality of "dry milk tablets" will inevitably require the degree of automation of the equipment. Mengniu, Yili, Guangming, Guanshan Dairy and other companies have stated that they will continue to pay attention to the automation of the equipment.

Strengthen the humanized design of packaging “Dry milk tablets” adopts the form of blister packs. It has the characteristics of humanity, such as convenient consumption and portability, and it caters to consumers' psychological well. However, the current "dry sucking milk slices" on the market still lacks innovation, and there is still a lot of room for design in terms of humanity. For example, it is possible to adopt fold line designs on blister boards, using different colors of aluminum foil and PVC for different tastes. The product is packaged and other measures.

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