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Kortee's exhibits are multi-cavity, multi-layer PET preform manufacturing equipment. This 144-cavity system is called "Ultra144". This combined 3-layer preform system with a Husky/Husky injection machine and a Kortee preform system can produce preforms with a bottle neck diameter of 28 mm per minute. The device is a flexible package for carbonated soft drinks. A part of an integrated system unit in a bottle or beer bottle package.

Netstal of Switzerland introduced its PET-Line 3500 (385 tons) and 6000 (660 tons) PET bottlers with optimized plasticizing systems to shorten the molding cycle time. Its "96-cavity system can produce 20.5 grams of preforms in 9.6 seconds. It also demonstrated for the first time the hydraulic drive for screw-off bottles.

Boy Machinery has demonstrated that its Boy 90A bottle-making machine can produce up to 1,100 bottles of I/J x and can process up to 2.5 liters of preforms.

In addition, Husky and Cold Jet have just signed a technical exclusivity agreement to obtain the right to provide dry ice airflow cleaning system to the company's customers. Husky stated that this non-abrasive cleaning method is fast and easy to operate, safe and economical for PET preforms. It is said that dry ice does not damage the mold and evaporates in contact so no run-offs, residues or drying processes are generated. Both companies demonstrated this technology at K Show.

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