Pillow type packaging machine head crawler transmission device

A caterpillar packaging machine head crawler transmission device. Its main characteristic is that the tracked transmission device is composed of a gear, a chain 10 and a rolling rod 7 . The gear is divided into a driving gear 1, a through-gear 6 and a driven gear 4. The driving gear 1 is disposed on a cutter main shaft 3 of a heat-sealing component, and the driving gear 1 is meshed with the driven gear 4 through a bridge gear 6. The sprocket 5 provided on the driven gear 4 cooperates with the chain 9 . The chain 9 is provided with a roller 7 . The roller 7 is connected to the crawler belt 16 through the chain 10 . The utility model has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, and thoroughly solves the phenomenon that the packaged object is blocked in the transverse sealing and cutting process. The transmission device of pillow packing machine made according to the design theme of the utility model will surely bring positive effect to the packaging industry. (Application No. 5)


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