Merchandise Packing Moderate V Excessively "Said" (I)

"Buying and returning from beads" is a story that spreads widely and contains philosophy. It tells us that merchants from the Chu State to Zheng Guo went to sell pearls and put pearls in a very luxurious gift box. However, Zheng Guoren only buys dumplings and returns Jimmy and her descendants to use them as a metaphor for those who have no vision and choices. However, in the current tide of market economy, especially in the packaging industry, we can generate NEW insights. That is, the packaging of products is extremely important, and people have to admire the clever move of Chu merchants.

As the saying goes: "The Buddha depends on gold, people rely on clothes." Therefore, the product should rely on appropriate packaging to improve the value. Those businessmen who are not familiar with this way are not the ones who are outdated in the era of market economy. In the context of a market economy, how do we do a good job in product packaging? How do we define the “consummation” and “excessiveness” of packaging? For a moment, we have a saying that everybody has a bee; each person has a saying; Take the attitude of the crowd, listen to the words of the family, and gather wisdom and wisdom.

Wine packaging is said

Consumer: If you buy a bottle of wine for 10 yuan, you will only drink 4 yuan, and another 6 yuan will be spent on useless bottles, lids, and paper boxes. Of course, the product must rely on the packaging is unquestionable, but the packaging can not be excessive. If a bottle of wine occupies 60% of the packaging, I think this package is an over-concoction to deceive consumers.

Business: As far as this bottle of wine is concerned, it can be said that it is not over-packed and is moderately packaged. There are three reasons: First, this wine, the use of special imported glass bottles, is to keep the original flavor of the wine in the bottle, the bottle itself is naturally high cost. The second is to strengthen the promotion of “wine culture” and highlight the creativity of brand and flavor marketing on the outer packaging box. This is necessary for building a brand. Third, the market is effective. The original old product uses very cheap packaging but it is difficult to arouse the interest of consumers. Enterprises are struggling to make up for losses and losses every year. After the new packaging is launched, the annual profit exceeds 10 million yuan, and a brand that is called loud is created. As the saying goes, "The wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley." As long as my wine, do not pack, still sell well. But this is an old saying after all. Nowadays, some famous wine manufacturers also have to pack their own fine wines with splendid wines and keep sipping on the media to win consumers.

Editor: To oppose over-packaging is not to say that we do not pay attention to packaging, but we do not advocate putting things that are not related to products or brands into packaging to raise the price of products. Successful alcohol packaging must have a certain cost, but it cannot be used to mislead consumers by throwing money on the packaging. Replacing luxury packaging with creative packaging, and improving over packaging with proper packaging should be the philosophy followed for alcohol packaging.

Perfume packaging says

Consumers: Perfume bottles are like chicken ribs, leaving them useless (you can't just pay for the perfume and exchange old ones for new ones). It's a pity that the bottles with different shapes and exquisite delicacies have certain ornamental value. Perfume is a luxury product. Producers seize the psychology of consumers' love for the United States and do articles on the packaging to increase the price of the goods so as to obtain more profits. This behavior of relying on packaging to increase product prices is strong and strong, I think this is a typical over-packaging.

Business: Perfume packaging (bottle) pursuit of "alternative", pay attention to unconventional innovation, continuous innovation, in order to attract consumers and form a group of people.

Creativity accounts for a large part of the cost of perfume packaging, resulting in a high cost of packaging. Therefore, it is by no means overly packed. Perfume packaging reflects taste through fashion and culture. As for the performance of taste, packaging is an extremely important part in addition to product advertising and product counter display. Appropriate packaging not only directly stimulates the senses of consumers, but also can express the connotation of the brand incisively and vividly. Packaging, as the outerwear of perfumes, must not only have functions that are well-packed and easy to use, but must also have the function of attracting purchases and guiding consumption. The promotion of perfumes is rarely advertised in various media. Therefore, the packaging must be very elegant, and through a very convincing salesman to try hard to promote.

Editors: Competition in the consumer goods markets around the world will, to a large extent, depend on the competition in packaging quality. The quality of perfume packaging includes not only the quality of the packaging material itself, but also whether the packaging design is new and decent, the production is delicate, and whether it has humanistic care and many other factors. With the change of people's concept of fees, good perfume packaging will give businesses a significant number of consumer groups that cannot be ignored.

Health product packaging is said

Consumers use the words “two pounds of bamboo shoots, three pounds of shells” to describe the excessive packaging of health products. Only 4 small plates of American ginseng tablets have a volume less than one percent of the packaging. The reason why we purchased this over-packaged product was completely out of frustration because we had no choice. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a suitable package of American ginseng lozenges. The reason why manufacturers are pursuing over-packaging is to put it bluntly: First, there is no strict regulation on the packaging of health products by the state, and second, subjective businesses can pursue high profits.

Businesses: The new "Pan gift era" has arrived, exquisite packaging, full of humanistic media advertising, reminding consumers all the time: In today's society, gifts have become a kind of fashion people can not help. Whether the gift packaging is elegant or not is almost the most important criterion when people choose gifts. The era of first-class products and third-rate packaging is gone forever. Since it is a gift, we must send face. Manufacturers are precisely grasping this mentality of consumers, in the packaging of health products gift clever articles. During holidays, ceremonies are still coming, adding lubricity to human relationships, and stimulating domestic demand, driving the development of related industries, and even increasing taxes for the country. Is this too excessive packaging? Do not do, some people do, companies compete for survival, can only follow the flow, which is also advancing with the times!

Editor: Living diligently is a virtue of the Chinese people. Consumers are in favor of simple packaging. If you buy health products that are used by your family, there is no luxury package, it does not matter. If it is a gift, the packaging does need to be elegant, but it should be enough. The most important thing in health care products is the inherent quality. External packaging is just the icing on the cake and should not be taken over. High-quality, beautiful packaging, affordable health products, when it is the first choice for consumers. Hope merchants can consider the "God" appeal.

(to be continued)

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