Application of Nanoparticles and Nanotechnology in Packaging and Printing Industry (Part 2)

(3) The special non-polluting wear-resistant transparent coating made of nano-materials is coated on glass, plastic and other objects. Under the irradiation of light, due to the catalytic action of nanoparticles, the substances on the surface include oil, bacteria, etc. Oxidation to gas or easily wiped off, with anti-fouling, dust-proof, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and fire-retardant functions, can be used as a surface coating for parts of food packaging machinery that are in direct contact with food, or for Make packaging containers, machinery boxes and production workshops.

(4) Nano-TiO2 and nano-stannic oxide made of multi-layer interference film can improve the light transmittance, and the infrared reflection ability is very strong, can save energy, and is suitable for infrared drying and infrared sterilization equipment of packaging machinery.

(5) The microporous gas separation membrane made of nano metal powder can be used for the concentration and separation of gas isotopes, mixed gases, macromolecules and organic substances, and can be applied to membrane filtration and sterilization equipment such as purified water and soft drinks.

(6) The addition of nanophase to the high-hardness wear-resistant coating can further increase the hardness and wear resistance of the coating, prevent corrosion of the metal material and delay the aging of the composite, and maintain high toughness. Adding nanoparticles to the surface coating can reduce the coefficient of friction and form a self-lubricating material. If tungsten carbide is added to iron, cobalt, and nickel, a hard alloy material can be formed with high hardness and resistance. Grinding performance while having lower brittleness. The metal surface nano-coating treatment on the key parts of the packaging machinery can improve the wear resistance, hardness and service life of the mechanical equipment.

(7) The packaging machinery has high requirements for lubricants, and lubricants are often easy to wear and easily pollute the environment. The size of the magnetic particles in nano-magnetic fluids is only 10 nm, which will not damage the bearings, and the base fluid can also be used with lubricants. The proper magnetic field can be used to confine the magnetic lubricant to the desired location, which can ensure the normal operation of the machine and can significantly reduce high-frequency noise, suppress temperature rise, and reduce material loss.

(8) Rubber and plastics are raw materials used in packaging machinery. However, rubber is usually added to carbon black to improve its strength, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance. Products are black and are not suitable for use in food packaging machinery. The new nano-modified rubber has a significant increase in various indicators, in particular, three times the anti-aging properties, the service life of up to 30 years, and colorful, excellent color retention effect.

(9) Metal welding is usually performed at a temperature higher than the melting point of the metal. However, nano-welding can be used to ensure that the relevant instrument and sensor are not affected at the place where packaging mechanical welding is difficult. On the one hand, as the size of nanoparticles decreases, the melting point (liquid phase sintering temperature) of the nanomaterials will decrease. On the other hand, as the specific surface area of ​​the particles increases, the diffusion rate increases substantially, making the melting point of the nanoparticles generally low. For coarse-grained objects.

(10) In addition, with the application of improved plasma technology, surface hardening technology and laser surface heat treatment technology applied to the surface nanometerization of structural materials, the surface treatment of bearings, gears, screws, and carbide cutting tools on packaging machines is also obvious. effect.

3. Packaging and printing

(1) Metal nanoparticles have the special function of eliminating static electricity. Metal nanoparticles are added to the surface of packaging and printing materials to reduce or eliminate the static electricity generated by transporting packaging and printed materials on high-speed full-automatic packaging machines or printing machines, and to increase the speed and effectiveness of packaging and printing; in addition, due to the elimination of static electricity, packaging The surface of the material is no longer adsorbed by dust, so that the surface of the material is no longer scratched due to the increase of dust, resulting in scratches and improving the printing quality.

(2) Selection of suitable nano-particles and nano-powder materials having both the pigment and dye dual function to obtain various pigments to produce advanced printing inks can lead to the overall upgrade of packaging printing. The new nano-scale transparent iron oxide pigments are characterized by good dispersion, good crystallinity, good weather resistance, high transparency, and strong coloring power. They are used to produce nano inks, nano water-based inks and nano water-based coating materials; nano-scale calcium carbonate is A kind of light calcium carbonate, an important inorganic pigment, with high specific surface area, high activity, filling and toughening characteristics, etc. It can be effectively added to ink products and other products (such as paper, plastic products, etc.) Improve the performance of these products, is currently mainly used for high-grade inks and special paper, etc.; fumed silica is an ultra-fine silica powder with surface hydroxyl groups and adsorbed water, which is produced by the high temperature hydrolysis of silicon or silicone chlorides. It has characteristics such as small particle size, large specific surface area, high chemical purity, good dispersion performance, etc. It is obtained with its superior stability, reinforcement, viscosity and thixotropy in adhesives, sealants and special inks, etc. widely used.

At present, because the industrial technology level is not enough to operate at the molecular weight level, the cost of nano products is too high, and commercial products cannot be widely applied. With the development of new and more advanced industrial technologies, nanotechnology is in the packaging industry. The application and development will have a wide range of application prospects and unlimited business opportunities.

----- Wuhan Institute of Technology Mao Zhongyan Zhang Junling

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