Disney Family Cookie Box

The Disney Taiwanese Happy Biscuits produced by the Hamasaki Food Factory in Jiangmen City are packaged in a novel and unique hexagonal corrugated cardboard box. According to the company sales department director. The reason why the use of corrugated carton packaging is mainly because the corrugated carton has better resistance to pressure, shock and impact than other packaging, and can better protect the food. The use of special-shaped corrugated carton packs is because the special-shaped cartons are unique, novel, attractive, beautiful and attractive to consumers.

In addition to the unique shape of this package. In the pattern is also very eye-catching. The Winnie the Pooh and the Tigger who are popular and popular around the world danced under the festive fireworks. The atmosphere of the festival was full of emotions. Supermarket promoters said: "Before Christmas, this biscuit sales camp is very good, and many consumers are attracted by beautiful and unique packaging boxes."

Source: Global Corrugated Industry

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