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Once again, the outdoor fashion trend led by the famous French outdoor brand Lafuma continues. During the season, the collision between technology and fashion has become more intense. Lafuma's unique French inspiration, combined with skillful craftsmanship, has created countless stunning products.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is in September this year. This kind of seasonality will generally show the characteristics of the extension of the autumn and the postponement of the winter. In response to this feature, Lafuma launched continuation and innovation in its own three major series.

Casual Series

True technology does not need exaggerated expression. Simple and quiet is the best expression of self-confidence. Lafuma Casual series can let your impetuous heart settle down. Whether in deep winter or late winter, you will be filled with lush greens and greens to add fun to your life.

This autumn and winter Casual series continued its own existence, and more choices were made for color matching. In the contrast of different colors, the expression of Lafuma aesthetics was achieved, as if the whole world was quiet around the wearer, simple but not impetuous It is worth your choice to pursue low-key fashion.
Trekking Collection
Lafuma Trekking series emphasizes the perfect combination of functionality and fashion sense, Lafuma LXT technology with Gore-Tex® and Wind-Stopper® fabrics to protect you in the wind and rain, the French style is enough to wake up your original departure. Desire, can not wait to mention the backpack, to feel the infinite charm of nature.
This fall and winter, the Trekking series introduces a large number of casual styles. Now, the best technology has the most fashionable appearance. If you want to choose the most technologically casual clothing, you must not miss this series.
Pioneer Collection
The Lafuma Pioneer collection combines stylish elements with outdoor features, each showing a unique ingenuity. The city is my forest. Even if I don't have the time to indulge in the wilderness, I can enjoy comfort and freedom anytime, anywhere.

Lafuma gives you the best products for expressing personality in the city, loves a brand, and appreciates its charm. It is also another expression of personality, and it is also a manifestation of a true pioneer.

One of the special product lines to be proposed here is the Helios series.

Lafuma Helios is a strong product of Lafuma, featuring Lafuma LXT's self-heating technology. It is also effective in breathable and sterilizing while maintaining warmth and protection against cold. Fashion tailoring and design, even more big style.
It can be like the sun, warm throughout the winter, the high amount of down-filling, practical and effective self-heating technology, so that the inside and outside of the clothes show two different seasons, any external wind and snow dancing, the clothes are warm like spring.

In autumn and winter products, Lafuma fully adds technology elements, focusing on Lafuma LXT self-heating technology. Although self-heating technology has been on the market for several years, most of the previous technology was coated, reflecting the heat emitted by the body. It was very airtight and made the body of the winter become boring.
Lafuma LXT is a self-heating technology that uses hexagonal fabric technology to convert visible light energy into heat energy and reflect heat on the body to reach the effect that the temperature inside the clothes is much higher than the ambient temperature. At the same time as ensuring the heat, taking into account the permeability, warm and no longer bored, the hexagonal structure makes the fabric extremely resistant to tear, greatly increasing the durability of the product.
Lafuma also has strength in footwear products. For the cold season coming later and longer outdoor time, Lafuma launched the GORE-TEX® upper for Chinese consumers and the outdoor Vibram sole for the autumn and winter season. Shoes, this series of shoes using a more Chinese shoe, raise the back of the shoe, the most well-known technology using the most Lafuma combination to form the most suitable for consumer products.
Through many new products, it can be seen that after entering the Chinese mainland for four years, Lafuma has paid more and more attention to the mainland market. Continuously increasing sales and increasing consumer recognition are very important reasons. It is precisely because the mainland market is so important that many fall and winter of this year. New products are specifically designed and developed for the Chinese mainland. Lafuma is bringing the traditional outdoor spirit of Europe into China in a more accessible way. We can expect that more French outdoor products with Chinese characteristics will come out in the future.
Each year, there are new innovations and new technologies every year. Since 1930, Lafuma has maintained such a strong momentum. This is exactly the case. This platanus leaf from France has passed through more than 80 years of history. All the way to today, and continue to move forward.

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