Talking about "Evaluation" Family (II)

In the past few sessions of IT in the printing industry, I have given me a deep and positive response. It is that most of the students have asked questions and answered questions in each of the urgent and overtime courses. This strongly reflects the urgency of IT in the printing industry.

In the class, everyone studied and agreed on the formula of the IT process in the printing industry, and used MSEXCEL to implement different paper-opening methods. Prepress price, Indian labor price. Fill the price of paper. Material prices, packaging and transportation, etc. are unprecedented, and the concept of knowledge wood is not copyrighted. Share with students the characteristics of different book staples and different types of packaging. Introduce methods for formulating equations, such as saddle stitching, binding, threading, paperback, hardcover, double iron ring, nail box, line box, box, sky cover Boxes, etc., Students can use their own programs to calculate immediately, to achieve my purpose of promoting IT; classrooms, regardless of teachers and students, the atmosphere is harmonious, three lines must have my teacher!

In the following section, “Let's talk about the family”, let us share the rest of the printing process, the type of packaging, and the shipping methods. We will try to make it possible for us to consider every aspect of the printing process. Then, the price will be assessed. It will not be our burden, but it will show us fast. Accurate and excellent service, in the minds of customers laid the image of a professional printer.

Immediately after the previous processing method, it is the post-press process, such as:

According to different layout plans and different binding methods, there are different types of folding methods, and the number of per-packet breakdowns is obtained. The number of books borrowed per book, etc., according to the customer's special requirements, the number of folds per sticker, the number of books per book, etc. 廿 four different fold combinations.

In accordance with customer requirements, such as saddle stitching, saddle stitching, saddle stitching, and side mounting. Glue, ventilated, flat, line, sideline, singer line, hardcover. Singer hardcover, double iron ring hardcover, American map hardcover, iron ring hardcover, double iron ring binding, iron ring binding, rubber claw binding, snake binding, calendar binding, etc.

According to customers' different packaging requirements, such as corrugated cardboard boxes, bulk bags and playing belts; corrugated cardboard boxes such as single-hole corrugated cardboard boxes, double-pit corrugated cardboard boxes and three-hole corrugated cardboard boxes; bulk materials such as waterproof kraft paper; Parallel tapes, etc.; this becomes a different method of inner packaging.

Customers can also request us to provide external packaging services with single pits, double pits and three pit corrugated cardboard boxes; or single pits. Double pits and three pit corrugated carton outside the band, playing outside the bulk band, you can also transport cardboard boxes of different sizes. For example, open 32 "x48" or 40 "X48", etc. more than twelve different packaging combinations.

According to the customer's different local delivery requirements, if the customer picks up the carton packaging from the printing factory, the printing factory delivers the carton packaging to the customer company, warehouse or dock; if the customer extracts the bulk package from the printing factory, the printing factory sends the bulk package to the customer company. Or seven different local transportation combinations such as warehouses.

According to customers' requirements for bulk cargo shipments in land, sea and land, such as single pits, double pits and three-hole corrugated cartons, wooden pallets are shipped by sea, air, trucks and trains to different locations; FOB, CNF or CIF are available. A variety of sea, land and air transport combinations.

According to customers' requirements for different land and sea shipments of containers, such as 20-foot, 40-foot or special-size or ultra-high-size containers, different shipping methods are used to detain shipping, trucks and trains to different locations; there are FOBs, CNFs or CIFs. A different sea, land and air transport combination.

In conclusion, a comprehensive print assessment is extremely complicated if it takes the opportunity cost of a comprehensive appraiser. Must have professional conditions as follows:
(1) Prepress separation experience:
(2) Experience in making large editions;
(3) Platemaking experience;
(4) Purchase of materials market information;
(5) printing experience;
(6) Processing experience;
(7) Air, sea and land transport experience;
(8) Word processing experience:

(A) If the average monthly salary per item is calculated at $10.000 per month, the manpower is calculated to be approximately $80,0 per month. The above conditions are met; on the 26th of each month, 8 hours of work per day requires approximately $80,000 per minute. (26*8*60) = $65, if the average estimate requires 20 minutes per schedule, the cost per order is $6.5*20=$130;

(B) In addition, if the company owner calculates the valuation list by himself, if the monthly company's total cost is $500,000, it needs about $500,000/(26*8*60) = $40 per minute; It takes 20 minutes to calculate the schedule. The cost per order is $40*20=$800;

(C) In addition, if company owner Bai has already calculated the valuation list, if the monthly company's total cost is 3,000,000, then it needs about $3,000,000/(26*8*60)=$240 per minute; On average, each bill requires 20 minutes to calculate its schedule, then the cost per bill is $240*20=4,800;

The above considerations may not have you thought, but this is indeed a fact that you have always neglected. We have surprised us by the cost of each valuation. You and I can't afford it!

However, there are few successful IT companies in Hong Kong's printing industry. Having seen this, we have actively developed and successfully created a precedent for the evaluation of the internet printing industry. On average, each detailed estimate takes only one or two minutes and ten. The cost of the yuan eight pieces, in the same minute in different places, we enjoy the professional results of more than 10 years; then, the printing industry in Hong Kong will have more international first-class standard, a single low-cost and accurate print valuation analysis This has made Hong Kong's printers more competitive. As far as the case of A, B and C above is concerned, if only 20 quotation sheets are opened per day, IT can save you a lot of resources (26 days per month). ):
(A) ($130-$10)*20*26=$62,400
(B) ($800-$10)*20*26=$410,800
(C) ($4800-$10)*20*26=$2,490,800
Even with the current price and target price, you have to know how much this target price makes you earn or erode. Knowing what you know is the best way to make you more competitive.

If you have the opportunity, let us have a good look at the experts who have already accepted the printing IT. What kind of analysis indicators and analysis reports can be obtained without difficulty.

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