The savior of the printing shop - a new appearance of the Harper product

USA, North Carolina, March 29, 2006 — HarperScientific (print and coating supplier from Harper, USA) announced the launch of its new product, the Ezze-Peel. This is the first peelable protective coating in the printing industry. It is mainly used for any fixed surface of the printing shop: including floors and ink chassis. Even on the surface of some difficult-to-clean inks, after using this product, the ink and the like can be easily and quickly wiped off.

“This type of product was originally used in absolutely unlayered rooms and paint booths. No products have been used in the printing industry yet,” said Tony Donato, HarperScentific's Technical Sales Manager. “We have developed a recipe for anti-liquid or UV printing inks together with chemical experts that can simply eliminate ink from the pressroom. Ezze-Peel is the first peelable protective layer available, especially for printing environments.”

Before the printing process begins, apply the Ezze-Peel to any fixed surface and simply peel it off when cleaning. When the ink shrinks, it can also play its role.

"In addition to offering a lot of convenience, Ezze-Peel also saves a lot of cleaning time, which increases the printing time," said Jim Harper, vice president of HarperScientific.

Ezze-Peel products are suitable for use at room temperature. They are best used in spray systems: paint brushes, roller brushes, or sea brush can be used. In addition, it can also adhere to its own surface.

In most cases, the Ezze-Peel only needs to be applied in as little as 20 minutes. When applied to an ink backing or floor, it is recommended that this product be used after a few hours of drying.

Source: China Printing & Packaging Network

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