Corrugated Box Printing Common Problems

3. Print ghosting and missing white matter

Analysis of the causes: These two problems often appear in the production process. Ghosting around the printed pattern or text is caused by the excessive pressure of the anilox roller and the printing plate; ghosting occurs at the front edge of the printing because of excessive pressure between the printing roller and the platen roller. The printing of the large area through the bottom and the leakage of white are caused by the insufficient pressure of the printing roller and the embossing roller. These two problems are caused by the opposite pressure.

Solution: The problem of printing ghosts should be to adjust the gap and pressure between the anilox roller and the plate roller, commonly known as pressure. The ghosting is due to the excessive pressure, and the anilox roller squeezes the printing plate (referring to the flexographic plate) to deform. Therefore, the gap between the two rollers must be increased to reduce the pressure. Printing leakage problems should be adjusted between the gap between the roller and the impression roller and pressure, commonly known as downforce. Since the gap between the plate roller and the embossing roller is too large, the printing in a large area may be untrue, which requires an increase in downforce. In addition, the unevenness of the printing plate, the quality of the plate lining, the hardness of the plate, etc. will all affect the above-mentioned problems, and local adjustments should be made.

Hand Flags are suitable for large activities (adverting , promotion anniversary or government ) . It is very cheap and economic to advertise. You can give people as gift when holiday or events .It is easy to make your design standing out.Most hand flags are single side printing ,it is easy to wave with hand .The image is reversed on the other side of the flag .

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Hand Flag

Flag size


Printing Tech





110g knitted fabric

Digital printing

25cm black solid plastic pole

hand flags



100D polyester fabric

Digital printing

30cm white hollow pvc rod

hand waving flags



110g knitted fabric

Digital printing

2meter adjustable metal rod

adjustable pole for the flags


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4.       double sided printed flag is available ( two pieces sewing together )

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6.       double lines sewing around the flag and oxford fabric pole pocket


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Hand Flag

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