Actis Coating Technology for PET Bottled Beer

The world-renowned Sidel Group has been able to provide customers with complete line projects including blowing, filling, labeling, conveying, and post-equipment equipment through mergers and acquisitions. In the forum, Sidel introduced its economical, high-barrier performance PET packaging solution—Actis bottle wall coating technology. Taking Actis48 products as an example, the workflow can be divided into the following eight steps: The bottles are fed into the processing hood, the vacuum inside and outside the bottle is discharged, the acetylene gas is resident in the bottle, the energy is input via the microwave, the acetylene gas reaches the plasma state, and the bottle Amorphous carbon is deposited on the inner wall, the bottle and the processing cover are returned to atmospheric pressure, and the processed bottle is output from the processing cover. The Actis Technology-treated bottles have a 50% increase in carbon dioxide retention and oxygen does not penetrate the bottle, ensuring maximum product quality.

Reprinted from: China Packaging Industry

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