Domestic machines can also produce first-class products

At present, the carton industry is faced with the situation that the price of raw materials is increasing and the carton price is difficult to control and the profit space is getting smaller and smaller. To reduce the cost of carton boxes and occupy more market share, many cartons enterprises have moved a lot in the selection of base paper. Brains - Production using low-weight, low-grade base paper. Due to the limitations of the technical quality of workers and the conditions of the original production equipment, it is difficult to produce satisfactory products, and poor adhesion, severe bending, and soft cardboard are often encountered. Carton plant can do nothing for this. So, is there a solution? This article will take an example of the transformation of a carton company to illustrate how to implement “small reforms” based on the situation of paper used by the company and the structure of the equipment, in order to tap the potential of product quality enhancement and enable enterprises to express their vigor.

For example, a company uses a domestically-made five-layer cardboard line. The on-site management is good. The entire cardboard production workshop is well organized and the equipment maintenance is not bad. However, from the point of view of the produced cardboard, softness and flatness are generally poor. The phenomenon of serious collapse of the corrugated board - the thickness of a five-layer paper board measured by a vernier caliper was less than 7 mm. Most of the papers they choose are between 110 grams and 125 grams, 130 grams of corrugated paper or 110 grams of sizing paper are required for some special cartons, and each combination must use 9 combination fans. The air blows the water vapor in the cardboard to increase the hardness of the cardboard. Some paperboards have to be stacked with heavy objects because of their severe bending, resulting in wrinkling and creases on the cardboard surface. The overall quality of the product gives people a bad feeling. The following is a case study of the problems that have occurred in the actual production and a solution to it.

After comprehensive analysis of the product, there are four reasons for these conditions: First, excessively large amounts of glue cause the board to be soft, severely bent, and the height is not enough. The second is the way of pasting two layers of cardboard on the flyover. Is not suitable for the actual situation of the production of low gram paper, which will cause some damage to the formed enamel; third is the unsuitable paper clearance of the double gluing roller; the fourth is the gravitational roller on the hot plate of the composite machine. Not properly adjusted as required.

Analytical research and implementation

From the current situation of the equipment and the usual operation habits of the workers, there are certain defects in the construction of the equipment, because the structure of the machine is still designed in accordance with the production of heavy-duty cartons and cannot meet the production needs of low gram paper. Therefore, we must make changes in the way of overpass paper, so that the low-weight two-layer corrugated cardboard in the paper to minimize the degree of damage during the process to avoid deformation of the corrugated. For this reason, some changes were made to the paper guides on the flyovers, which changed the way of paper warming. When inspecting the gluing roller of the double gluing machine, in addition to finding defects on the device, it also found operational errors. Because of the mistakes of the original gluing roller, the paperboard often has the phenomenon of foaming and degumming. In order to avoid the phenomenon of degumming, the operator blindly increases the amount of glue, so that the moisture content of the cardboard is seriously exceeded. This is completely a misunderstanding of knowledge, and there may be many manufacturers have such misunderstandings. When measuring the gaps between the two groups of two-layer glue applicators, the gap between the two sets of top rollers and the platen rollers was found to be significantly smaller than the actual requirement, and the gap was too small to cause a drop in the gap. main reason.

According to the above-mentioned problems, we first proposed the transformation of the rubberized anilox roll, requiring the processing unit to perform processing according to our technical requirements and inspect the processing unit in person. After installation and debugging, the production confirmed that due to the change of the anilox roller, the effect of sizing was obviously different. The glue width was basically controlled between 1 mm and 1.5 mm, and the glue amount was reduced by more than half from the original. And the glue coating is quite uniform. Finally, the gravitational rollers on the hot plate were carefully adjusted according to the requirements, and the quality of the produced cardboard was observed. The phenomenon of collapse was gone. The thickness of the cardboard was increased to 7.7 mm. Not only the process of blowing was removed, but also the cardboard The hardness is significantly increased, and there is no need to stack cardboard with heavy objects.

The equipment is still the original equipment, but the original paper is still used, but the products produced are completely different. It turns out that domestic machines can also produce first-rate products. Scientific transformation and precise adjustment of equipment are important factors for ensuring product quality and reducing production costs.

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