Spotting problems during printing

White spots, spots, flowers

A, ink problem

There is a problem with the ink configuration, change the ink;

B, the existence of the media itself

Some poor quality media, production process and raw material selection are very rough, resulting in the surface of the media fingerprints, oil stains, impurities, etc. In the printing process, the ink can not be attached to the media, there are different shapes of white spots, flowers; Replace the media.

C. Ink supply system

There is a large amount of waste ink (time is too long) and cleaning fluid left in the ink path or ink tube. There are a lot of white spots and flower spots on the image that are different from the normal image when printing out. In this case, the ink should be cleaned again and thoroughly. Road and ink cartridges.

Therefore, when replacing the ink or routine maintenance of the ink path, be sure to clean the ink path, and clean the cleaning fluid and waste ink remaining in the ink path after cleaning.

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