Unprintable design artwork

I believe that everyone is familiar with the term design, and so-called designers in the society are not uncommon. In the field of packaging design, the requirements for designers are more stringent. First of all, designers must understand the knowledge of printing. Why should they often emphasize that designers have the best knowledge of printing? Because printing is a step to materialize the design idea, knowing printing can avoid unnecessary errors, which is definitely better than finding out that the design cannot be printed at all after the design is completed. What is a design that cannot be printed? The following is an excerpt from FrankRomano, the dean of the Rochester Institute of Technolgy Printing Institute (HowtoDesignSomethingYouCannotPrint), what is said does not apply to packaging design, please look at it:

Rely on the computer monitor to select the color;

Highlight it with a light color;

Prefer to use font size of 8point or below;

Use more than ten fonts in the same layout;

Forgot to reserve the bleeding position;

Forgot to link the picture information to the published document;

Output in RGB picture mode;

The format of the picture is WMF or GIF, not TIFF or EPS;

Directly use the pictures downloaded from the Internet for printing output;

I think the color of the proofs will be the same as what you see on the monitor or the sample printed by the inkjet machine.

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