The factors of gravure printing to ensure smooth printing and consistent ink color

Gravure printing is the most commonly used printing method in flexible packaging, and its printing quality is directly related to the expressiveness of the product. In the production practice, many problems have troubled the soft pack factory, but in fact, the quality control of gravure printing has rules to follow. The basic principle of the four elements of the gravure printing machine is this printing method. The structure and operation of the printing machine determine the quality of the printed matter. The four elements are: doctor blade, rubber roller, ink supply system, drying Dry box, below I will elaborate on its characteristics and basic principles respectively: scraper can only print a good product by scraping off the excess oil on the non-printing surface). If you want to scrape the extra ink clean, without hanging dirt, running ink (running color), and knife line, you must adjust the hardness, height, and angle of the scraper to make appropriate adjustments.

The usual experience tells us: the first is the softness and rigidity of the scraper device, with moderate flexibility. Place the spatula at the appropriate height. The scraper is placed at an angle that fits the angle. Impression rubber roller The hardness and pressure of the material of the rubber roller directly affect the amount of ink on the printed matter. The hardness of the material of the embossed rubber roller affects the amount of inking. The material of the rubber roller has a small amount of hard ink and the material of the rubber roller has a large amount of ink. The pressure of the rubber roller is large, and the amount of ink is large. The pressure of the rubber roller is small, and the amount of ink is small. The printing plate pattern is deep, and the material of the printing rubber roller needs to be harder; the printing plate pattern is light, and the material of the printing rubber roller needs to be softer. Fast printing speed requires the material of the rubber roller to be harder, and slow printing speed requires the use of a softer rubber roller.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of printing and the consistency of the ink color of the printed matter, the ink supply system of the printing machine must be well circulated, and the ink should be kept in constant flow at all times. Always keep the consistency of ink viscosity, measure regularly, and add solvent regularly. New and old ink should be mixed and used in proportion. Use compound solvents. To prevent the ratio of ink components from becoming unbalanced, and the phenomenon of precipitation and anti-coarse. It is best to use an ink pump and an agitator to circulate the ink. Note that the ink hopper should not be too large and the size of the ink tank should be moderate. Drying box Drying box is one of the keys to improve the printing speed, the quality of the oven is good or bad, the ink is dried by hot air, not by heating and baking. The higher the heat, the harder the ink on the printed matter is to dry. First, the temperature is too high, which will cause the ink surface to condense. The pseudo-drying atmosphere that does not dry in the surface drying causes the low boiling point solvent in the ink to evaporate prematurely, and the high boiling point solvent remains, and the drying speed is slowed down. The drying oven is required, the temperature is 40-50 degrees, the wind cannot be directly blown on the film, the heat cannot be directly baked on the film surface, it must have good exhaust performance, and can not run on the printing plate and ink tank, drying The dry box has better secondary air return performance. It is necessary to effectively prevent false printing. The limiting factor of printing speed Where does the printing speed of the printing machine come from? The first is determined by the transmission distance between the colors of the printing machine. The longer the transmission distance between the colors, the higher the printing speed. Can go up, otherwise it is difficult to increase the printing speed. The second is the quality of the drying box to determine the printing speed, because the front color is not dry, the back color will bite down the front color, causing color eating phenomenon. Therefore, a good drying oven should have the above-mentioned characteristics. The wind is greater than the heat. The wind cannot be directly blown on the printed matter, the wind can not be run, the exhaust air is smooth, and the secondary return air performance is better.

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