Which is the strongest household water purifier? Look at the 2017 world's top ten water purifier rankings

There are many brands of household water purifiers, and it is not easy to rush for gold. If you have a " Top 10 Water Purifier Rankings in the World", it may be helpful. Therefore, today I will talk to you about the world 's top ten water purifiers in the ranking of household water purifiers for your reference.

In the process of rapid development of human civilization, the destruction of nature has become more and more serious, and now even drinking water can not be reassured. So, the product "Home Water Purifier" aimed at drinking water safety was born. After several years of publicity and promotion, along with the increase in consumer demand, water purifiers have appeared in more and more

2017 World Water Purifier Top Ten Rankings-1, Saint-Denis

Saint-Denis Water Purifier Saint-Denis Water Purifier is the world's leading brand in the water purifier industry. The technology originates from France. It adopts the international high-end configuration of MKK ultrafiltration membrane technology and MK nanocombination technology. The manufacturers are impeccable in every aspect and almost perfect. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have the reputation of being the “king of water purifiers in the world”.

2017 World's Top 10 Water Purifier Rankings-2, Jingzhiquan Water Purifier

The Jingzhiquan water purifier is the first developer of a straight drink machine. It has won the reputation of "the first brand of straight drink machine". In recent years, it has successfully developed the "clean core" technology through cooperation with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Recognition, since then, the products of Jingquan have sold well all over the world. If we drink too much filtered water, we will cause various diseases such as stones. Therefore, the quality inspection of water purifiers is very important. Generally, brand water purifiers are produced and sold under the condition that a quality inspection passes the standard. Therefore, the selected brand water purifier is a thing done with care.

2017 World Top 10 Water Purifier Ranking-3, Quanlu Water Purifier

Quanlu water purifier has successfully developed the "Spring core" technology, which is one of the most mature household water purification technologies in the world, leading the industry for 20 years; in the past more than ten years, it has accumulated 60 million households worldwide Provide high-quality water purification services, known as "the first brand of professional water purifier". The cost-effective water purifier can be used with peace of mind and comfort. In our daily life, we can't live without water. We will drink a sip of pure water after a while. Under the condition that the quality of the water purifier is guaranteed, our water quality inspection is also qualified. We no longer worry about water. Incomplete filtration can cause harm to the human body.

2017 World Top 10 Water Purifier Rankings-4, Aihuipu Water Purifier

Aihuipu was founded by Dr. Oliver in 1933. Over the past 70 years, Aihuipu has been committed to the research and development of water purification equipment. It has many scientific and technological patents and its products are sold in more than 120 countries and regions in the world. Aihuipu water purifier is the world's most famous raw drinking water treatment equipment. It is rated as "the first-class raw drinking water equipment" by the American Health Association NSF. Aihuipu water purifier has two world patents that can cause pollution The water source is filtered through its filter element to achieve a complete purification effect, in line with raw drinking water standards.

2017 World Top 10 Water Purifier Rankings-5, Lisheng Water Purifier

Lisheng Water Purifier is one of the few domestic companies involved in R & D and production of ultrafiltration membranes. It has made many major breakthroughs in the membrane industry. Its products have good performance, excellent purification effects, and are sold at home and abroad. Very high, but only operating ultrafiltration membrane water purifiers suitable for the water quality of the south, which has greatly reduced the market share. If the product is perfected to make it also suitable for the north, the market prospect will be broader.

2017 World Top 10 Water Purifier Rankings-6, Hanston Water Purifier

Hanston Water Purifier has advanced technology and rich experience in the manufacture of water treatment equipment. Bocai has the advantages of various technologies. It has made significant breakthroughs in fully automatic control systems and core ultrafiltration membrane technologies, using imported raw materials. And mold, design high-quality products to satisfy users. We can use the water filtered by the water purifier for cooking, soup, or drinking directly. The water filtered by a good water purifier will not cause disease harm to the human body after drinking; on the contrary, the tap water does not meet the standard of filtration, and drinking it frequently will cause disease harm to the human body.

2017 World Top 10 Water Purifier Rankings-7, SKG Water Purifier

SKG water purifiers have always adhered to the smile curve as the product development guide, focusing on design, research and development and services, providing customers with personalized, multi-variety customized products, and having in-depth cooperation with many Shunde industrial design companies. Multiple sets of appearance patented molds.

The rapid growth of the SKG brand stems from customer experience and reputation. SKG conducts strict quality control in product R & D and production, while focusing on after-sales service. It signs an after-sales maintenance sharing agreement with Suning, becoming the first small home appliance company in the country to share the Suning Small Home Appliance 3C Service Center. Nationwide.

2017 World Top 10 Water Purifier Rankings-8, Visdom Water Purifier

Wisdom Water Purifier inherits American Seiko technology and adopts the world's leading enterprise management system. It has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of high-end water purifiers. It is known for grasping the market's precise vision and continuous innovative research and development capabilities. Excellent performance and hot sale in the world.

2017 World's Top 10 Water Purifier Ranking-9, Angel Water Purifier

Angel water purifier is a ten-year old brand, a well-known trademark in China, the image is also very good, and has a high reputation. Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Industry Group Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional companies established in China to research, develop, manufacture and sell drinking water equipment.

The company has consistently adhered to technological innovation and developed independent intellectual property rights. It has taken the lead in the industry to use advanced technologies such as fully-sealed quick-release smart seats, full-process air sterilization filtration, antibacterial silicone tubes, and RO reverse osmosis. The rise of Angel made the drinking fountains a real industry, which laid the status of Angel as the industry leader.

2017 World's Top 10 Water Purifier Ranking-10, Dalton Water Purifier

The Dalton water purifier in the United Kingdom was founded nearly two hundred years ago. In this long history, it has made outstanding contributions to the British water purification business many times and was awarded the royal title. This legend has been continuously creating miracles and continues to this day. The porcelain gallbladder of the Dalton water purifier is made of natural materials, does not contain any artificial substances, is safe and environmentally friendly, durable, and will not bring pollution to the filtration process. Dalton's unique diatom porcelain filter cartridges are well-known all over the world. The filtered water is pure and can be safely consumed without boiling.

Relevant information about the world's top ten water purifier rankings is introduced here for everyone, I hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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Top ten brands of water purifiers

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