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Route: Baoji - Tongkou - 2900 Camp - Bonsai Garden - Navigation Frame - Yaowang Temple - Wheat Straw Ridge - Shuiwozi Camp - Aircraft Beam - Liang 1, 2, 3 - 2800 Camp - Pyramids 1, 2, 3 - Xiyuan Campsite - Nine Shek Hai - Taibai Liang - Dongyuan Camp - Run Ma Liang - Unyehai - Pullai - Tang Jun

Route introduction

What is the name of "Shutai" is the abbreviation of Laoshan Mountain and Taibai Mountain. They are relatively high peaks in the middle part of the Qinling Mountains. Qinling Mountain Range is a huge mountain in the middle of China. It divides the natural geography and climate of the north and south of China and is also the watershed of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. From Lushan to Taibai Mountain, it is the main ridge with the highest altitude in the Qinling Mountains. Along the way, the species of flora and fauna is abundant, and there are many stone and sea relics. The weather is full of clouds and mists, and the weather is fluctuating and unpredictable. He is also the source of religion and the soul of human belief. .
Lushan is located in Baoji Taibai County in the west section of the Qinling Mountains. It belongs to the main vein of the Qinling Mountains and is the second peak of the Qinling Mountains. It is also called Xitaibai because it is named after a huge stone resembling a steamed bun. Lushan is 3,477 meters above sea level. The obvious sign is that there is a navigational frame, also called the west navigational frame. It is an identification used for aircraft identification in the past when communication was underdeveloped, and it is also the top of Shushan Mountain.

At the junction of Zhouzhi, Taibai and Meixian, Taibai Mountain is located in the middle section of the Qinling Mountains. The main peak of the Qinling Mountains covers a total area of ​​53,525 hectares. Its main peak, Mount Baker, is 3767.2 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain in eastern China. The main body of Taibai Mountain is composed of large-scale granites. After several tectonic movements, it forms the view of the peaks and mountains of Taibai Mountain. The remains of the Quaternary glaciers are preserved on the mountain. The Bashi Sendai, Wen Gongmiao, and Ximaumaliang areas are the most reliable physical databases for the development of ancient glaciers in the Qinling Mountains. The peaks, troughs, ice hoppers, ice ridges, and ice terraces near Baisendai in the Taibai Peak are vividly remembered, and the Shihai, Shihuan, and rock pillars are in a variety of shapes.

The “Chutai Crossing” refers to the crossing route of the main vein of the Qinling Mountains, which runs through Laoshan Mountain. The straight line distance between the two mountains is 46 kilometers, and the actual walking distance is about 150 kilometers. During the entire crossing, the altitude also starts from the starting point. Taibai County's 1740m rises to 3475m to the Lushan Hill Tower. After passing Taihuliang 3523m, it eventually reaches 3767m to the main peak of Taibai Mountain. It took about 6~7 days, and most of them walked in no man's land. ) + Boulders (30%) + Happy Valley (Alpine Meadows + Rocks) 30%). A total of 17 mountains over 3,000 meters in length are required to pass through the road. It is one of the most primitive and most self-abusing top crossing routes in the Qinling Mountains. One of the most difficult five hiking routes in China is also a sacred place that many donkeys are longing for.

The first line from Laoshan to Taibai is the main ridge with the highest elevation in the Qinling Mountains. Along the way, the species of animals and plants is very rich. The remains of Shihai are scattered all over the place. The clouds and mists linger all year round. The weather is changing and the situation is unpredictable. The climate in Outai is more complex and changeable than in the general alpine region. There are four seasons in a day. There are severe winds, heavy rain, hailstorms, heavy rain, dense fog, ice and snow and other bad weather all year round. As it belongs to the Quaternary glacial remains, the peaks are steep and the stone Begonia, water sources are scarce during the summer.
Due to its unique natural and geographical conditions, Otaru's majestic momentum of towering clouds and the ever-changing climate of the gods have been covered with a mysterious color since ancient times. Due to its high altitude and difficulty in climbing, climate change is erratic, the climate is harsh, the temperature difference between day and night is large, there is no longer a long area, and the load is five days. It is a continuous accident without any safety facilities and safety signs. As a result of the greater security risks, the Ota Line has also been called the death line by ALICE.

Equipment list

Before introducing the equipment, it is necessary to put forward that the Oita Line is at the north-south boundary, where the cold and warm air meet, so the weather changes during the walk will be very sudden.

Personal clothing

1 The best hiking shoes with waterproof breathable membrane (GORE-TEX EVENT SYMPATEX waterproof breathable material) are available. This line takes a long time and is fully reloaded. It consumes a lot of physical energy. In addition to having better waterproofness, Zhonggao Bang provides great support for the ankle. Remember not to help low-heeled shoes, walking shoes softer, although wearing a comfortable shoe, but not suitable for a long time such as the embarrassing too heavy hiking. Many of them are walking on the rocks and climbing uphill and downhill. They require high levels of skid resistance. If you encounter rain and snow, walking on the rocks is a very painful thing. The LOWA TYRO GTX MID I was wearing was too stressless. Some of our colleagues also took shoes off or upstream and went to camp. I took a one-time take off the shoes from the hotel. I usually took away the good quality of the hotel's shoes. Waiting for long-term hiking can be used on the spot.
2 socks thick COOLMAX high-sock socks, I brought two pairs, the number of their own decision, to consider the weight problem, take too much people will consider the weight, as much as possible to reduce weight, a pair of thick high-top socks is also about 100 grams of weight . Although I brought two pairs, I only wore a pair for five days. High-heavy and thick models are the key. Long-term weight-bearing trekking, uphills and downhills, and foot and ankles, as well as shoes and shoe collars, can cause a lot of friction. The high-top socks can protect the ankles from the skin of the ankle, and thick socks improve comfort and durability.
3 protective layer I brought the German army version of the GTX Jackets, worry-free. Due to the particularity of its location, Bingtai is characterized by impermanence of rain and snow. The wind is numerous, especially on the mountain beam. Because it is at the junction of the cold and warm air mass, it can be said that the wind is all the way along with only the size problem. The problem of rain and snow is completely dependent on luck. In general, it is absolutely useful to have a good pair of hard-liners on this circuit.
4 warmth layer I brought my only one down jacket so far: Tianshi ribs and down. Last year, the double 11 online buying, the basic winter did not wear how to wear, and finally brought to the Taiji. It is worn every day in the camp because I belong to a more tolerant physique, so wearing this one is enough. For the first time in eight years since the outdoors, I have been wearing down jackets for the first time. The previous line used fleece and soft shell as a warm layer.
This time in addition to Tianshi down jacket, there is a Patagonian R2 fleece jacket. As the main clothing for walking during the day, most of them are walking on the hills and they are very windy. Considering the issue of breathability, perspiration, and warmth, the R2 fits well with the quick-drying clothes it wears. Some of our friends, some wearing long-sleeved and quick-drying shirts, don’t wear fleece unless the wind is too hot. As long as there is no rain and snow, fleece or soft shell with quick-drying clothes, to deal with different temperatures, wind changes.
5 speed dry clothes I bring a short sleeve and long sleeves each one, when the hot days long sleeve wear, wear long sleeves to prevent floods after all, high altitude, if cold and then put on fleece, warm and breathable . Because the wind along the way is very high and the altitude is high, ultraviolet rays are not recommended to wear short sleeves.

Protective equipment
1 Kneepads, trekking poles If you want to sustain your sporting life, be sure to bring your knee pads and trekking poles.

Mountain climbing spring knee pads, some with two roots containing four more famous spring LP, AQ, there are many unknown brands, Ren Jun buy. Personally think that the best is no better than Balfen's knee pads, not much to introduce here, Taobao one search you know that another trekking pole is essential, according to scientific research correct use of trekking poles, can save 30 percent of physical strength But also can play a lot of help.
There is a lot of rock climbing uphill and downhill on Taiyi Road. Crossing trekking poles can save you a lot of physical energy. For a prolonged weight-bearing trekking, the knee protectors tighten the muscles while protecting the knees, making it easier to apply force.
Recommended Products: Robinson trekking poles, national brands, professional research and development and production of trekking pole equipment cool recently applied for evaluation MBC brand trekking poles, is also rapidly developing high-quality national brand

2 sunglasses on the plateau this stuff is essential (best polarized light), sunny weather, the snow to avoid snow blindness. And it is a cool weapon.
Recommended products: domestic OYEA produced all kinds of sports, sunglasses, cost-effective

3 I have been tangled with my ski gloves before leaving for fear of a blizzard. In the end, the gambling did not bring, but only the Pathfinder's fleece gloves. Luck is quite good and the weather is awesome. For the first three days, I didn’t have any ski gloves. On the third day, I noticed that the skin on my back became dark and I started to wear gloves. In the following two days, the sun was still very windy and strong. Although it was a fleece glove but blocked the ultraviolet rays and most of the wind, the back of the hand was not as dismal as the face.
4 heads, face protection KOLON quick-drying cap seven plus two headscarf fleece caps. Focus here, I did not pay attention to the sun. Because the skin is thick and flesh, he also wants to tanning, so no protection was done in the previous two days. It happened that the sun was very poisonous. It was obvious that the facial skin was uncomfortable before it began to bring all kinds of protective equipment. Another devil hat is also a good sunscreen.
In front of the main main said head and face sunscreen, but also pay attention to keep warm. Because I went in June, the snow weather was almost impossible, so I only wore a fleece cap.
5 snow sets of black snow cover no matter what shoes you are, is not wearing the pants, snow jacket will give you enough protection. Rainproof, anti-snow pouring, but also play a certain degree of insulation

1 bag large bag Gregory P 80 pocket Archaeopteryx MAKA 2
The five-day trekking needs at least 60L of large backpacks. Famous brand products are certainly preferred, but prices are relatively high. The big backpack must choose the style size that suits its height and weight, but also pay attention to whether the design is scientific or not. Bring a pocket and carry some small items, glasses, candy, money, and licenses. Along the way, I found out most of the back is the OSPREY sky or other series of backpacks and then Gregory B Department and D Department, I asked a lot of people are carrying the 8264 buy 7P2 Mall bought OSPREY. There are also back domestic backpacks such as Kaile Stone, BIGPACK, and Pathfinder. The backpack's index must at least reach the Kaileshi Olympus section, personal opinion.

2. Because of the at least five days of trekking, the tents are too light for five days of food. The weight of the equipment is required to be as light as possible. It is recommended that two people have a tent so that they can share the weight. If there is a high altitude, there will be a good response.
The tents I took were more intensive than the LUXE settlers' double accounts. The team members used the BA Feixi 2 tents, the 3F floating cloud tents, and the mobigard cold mountain 2 tents. The prices vary widely, and the weight difference is also great. Look at the choice of personal economic level.

3 sleeping bags: if it is summer recommended -5 °C sleeping bag

It is recommended to carry a suitable sleeping bag according to your physical condition. If it is cold at night, wear quick-drying clothes, socks, gloves, and hats to increase warmth.

4 Damp mats: Recommended egg trough recommended mountain spring egg trough mats, the price is less than 100, light weight is good, of course, if you have enough money, THERMAREST is definitely the first choice. One brother in the same industry is THERMAREST's most expensive airbag, RMB 1,200. Lying for a while is really more comfortable than my 300 RMB domestic Rocky Mountain Air Cushion. My air cushion also runs quietly in the evening and it is necessary to make a few breaths in the middle of the night. Row.

5 other equipment: ground cloth, stove, pots (MSR's reactor is quite a force, eat, boil water, roast fire dry into), mountain gas tank hygiene supplies: toiletries, toilet paper, wipes, lipstick, sunscreen This time, I used the MSR reactor for the first time. We had four reactors and a fire-separate burner. When cooking, we used MSR to boil the water and boiled water. The pot used a fire-Maple split burner to cook the noodle, and two nights of boiling water to wash the feet. The four-person five-day G5 gas tank used a half and a half. The reactor boiling water is really powerful. Every time I go out, I bring sanitary napkins. The thin type is mainly stuck in the tongue and keeps the shoes relatively dry. If the shoes are wet, they can also be used to absorb water. In accidents, you can stop the chopsticks, lifesaving whistle, rescue blanket, warm baby, multi-function knife, plateau lighter/ matches, camera, spare battery, wallet, watch, compass, ID cards, etc. Cheap and practical. It can keep warm and it can also act as a temporary raincoat.
If the warm baby is not too heavy, it is very warm to sleep at night. In order to respond to the emergency, I also brought the water purifier domestic Aotek black whirlwind water purifier, the price is more than 100 points. This line is a reloading walk, physical exertion, and requires more water. If there are a few points on the way, if you cannot reach the campsite, you may camp temporarily on the way. The water source is not ideal. The water purifier is used at this time. It is best to go to a traditional camp every day, so that the water source will be adequate and the campsite will be evenly divided.

In sum, the complaints: The equipment and personal requirements of this line are relatively high. After all, it is also claimed to be one of China's top ten maltreatment lines. Must be fully prepared, if there is no shortage of funds, try to buy high-end equipment, reduce a lot of weight. At the same time, we must try to improve our own quality.

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