Problems in the industrial application of PET beer bottles


In South Korea, the use of PET beer bottles is close to 50%; in Europe, especially Russia, the use of PET beer bottles accounts for 60% to 70%. The application of PET bottles in the domestic beer packaging market is not optimistic. Domestic beer brewing enterprises generally use PET bottles only on large-capacity (1600mL) beer packaging and long-distance transportation. Why do PET bottles with many advantages in the beer packaging market in China are “satisfied”, which is mainly due to the following problems.

1. Special PET resin technology is the basis

Beer is very sensitive to the infiltration of O2 and the escape of CO2 compared to ordinary beverages. If O2 enters the beer bottle, or CO2 is lost from the bottle, the characteristics of the beer will change immediately, the taste will become light and tasteless, its flavor and color Significant changes can also occur. Therefore, this characteristic of beer puts higher requirements on the barrier property of PET bottles, which requires the research and development of special resin, bottle making technology and modification technology of PET beer bottles to lay a foundation for the industrial application of PET beer bottles. technical foundation.

2. Equipment upgrade is the best choice

PET beer bottles require a special "blow-fill" online production line. At present, China's beer packaging still uses glass bottles and metal cans in large quantities, so the existing beer filling line cannot be directly used to fill PET beer bottles. However, in fact, beer brewing companies cannot and do not need to completely replace existing production equipment, because this will greatly increase production costs, and update and technological transformation of existing production equipment to fill PET beer bottles.

The production line is equipped with relevant professional equipment, which is the best choice for the industrial production of PET beer bottles.

3. Market positioning is the key

PET bottles offer greater flexibility in bottle type and capacity selection. For example, PET bottles have a capacity range of 330 to 2000 ml and a height range of 220 to 320 mm. The variation range is large, so the equipment requirements are also high, which increases the production cost invisibly. Therefore, in the choice of PET beer bottle type, try to consider the main product bottle type, do not have to take care of all bottle types. Since PET bottles are basically disposable, material recycling

It is also a downgraded PET beer bottle of the same capacity. Although it has a large advantage in transportation costs and bottle washing costs, the overall cost is not dominant compared to the recyclable glass bottles. However, for large-capacity beer bottles, the cost performance of PET bottles is more prominent, so it is recommended that beer brewing enterprises locate specific consumer markets and try to use larger-capacity packaging.

4. The bottleneck cost reduction is a prerequisite

As far as the domestic market is concerned, although PET beer bottles have breakthroughs in technology, they are subject to high cost factors, and the conditions for large-scale industrial applications are far from mature. It is reported that the current cost of a 1.6L PET bottle is about 2 yuan, and the cost of a regular PET bottle is about 1 yuan. Looking at the cost of a single bottle, PET beer bottles are much higher than glass bottles, and slightly lower than metal cans. . Moreover, if you consider equipment and technology updates, PET beer bottles will be more expensive to manufacture. These factors make PET beer bottles difficult to get popularized at this stage. however,

Once PET bottles are widely promoted on beer packaging, as bottle production increases, unit bottle costs will also decrease.

   The above content is selected from the 6th issue of “ Printing Technology ·Packaging and Decoration” in 2012. More journal content please pay attention to the journal channel.

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