WTNS Series Flat Die Cutting Machine

The exclusive sales company of the WTNS series flat die-cutting presses in Europe is the Intercontainer Machinery Company in Lucerne, Switzerland. The company integrates all the products it sells with a fully automated paperboard feeding system. The bottom conveyor-type feeding system can handle corrugated cardboard and cardboard with grammage ranging from 300 to 1500 gsm, and this system is suitable for all types of flat-platen die-cutting machines on the market.

The company's other feed system for flat die-cutting presses is a top-adsorption feed system capable of handling corrugated paperboard and cardboard with a maximum thickness of 4mm. This type of feeding system is available in sizes 1060 x 760 mm (6,600 sheets per hour) and 1300 x 960 mm (4,800 sheets per hour).

The WTNS series of flat die-cutting presses has a total installed capacity of more than 350 units worldwide. The working widths of this series of die cutters are 1300, 1500, 1700, 1900 and 2100 mm, respectively. Among them, the operator's most convenient operation model integrates cutting-edge stripping devices and non-stop stackers, and the fastest production speed reaches 3600-4800 sheets per hour. A cardboard preloader greatly reduces the labor intensity of machine operators. Other additional equipment, such as cameras mounted on die cutting and stripping devices, and monitoring equipment near the paper feeding system, provide the ability to quickly analyze the quality of the paperboard, and enable immediate transmission to the operator via the touch screen operating system. The current working status of the machine.

High-quality die-cutting tools ensure the efficiency and precision of the die-cutting process. All types of machines in the series are designed with ideas that make future maintenance more convenient. The company's highly trained engineers can provide customers with flexible services.

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