Quanhan Power Green Packaging

Recently, a power supply FSP400-60GLN introduced by Quanhan came from the green power supply. This power source was formerly known as Green Power. To highlight the green concept and features of its products, Quan Han Power was once renamed and renamed “Green Power” to “Green PS FSP Power Supply” to reflect the determination of this power plant's complete greening. Product content. This product has already appeared in the market. Let's take a look at this eco-friendly power supply!

On the packaging of the product, we can see that this product has a comprehensive understanding of environmental protection. Kraft paper packaging, and no fancy graphics, in line with the concept of green products.

Toy Packaging

Our company focus on product packaging for more than ten years, to provide one-stop service, we provide all kinds of toy box, box multiple variety, have a plain white paper, also has the specialty paper, have a professional design team, all can figure or to be customized according to customer's requirements, all can pass EN71-3 test standard.

Toy Packaging

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