Constar Ketchup Bottle Receives International Packaging Award

Through the use of Constar's DiamondClear polyester technology, Connegra Foods was able to reduce the weight of its approximately 12% of its 46-ounce tomato sauce bottle, an important sustainable benefit. In addition, DiamondClear offers clarity like glass. Its special barrier properties maintain the vivid redness and taste of Hunt's ketchup while providing the best appearance. Once the product uses light, consumers can throw empty bottles in recyclable trash cans.

Omaha, United States, Connegra Foods Inc., one of North America's leading packaged food companies, and Constar International, deservedly received the 2008 World Award from the World Packaging Organization, the most prestigious honor in the international packaging industry. The products that were approved by both companies were Connegra Foods' 46-ounce Hunt's® ketchup bottles, using Constar's DiamondClear® polyester technology.

This is not the first honor that Constar produced Hunt's ketchup bottles. In 2007, the Association of Packaging Practitioners awarded it the Ameristar Awards, which it considers to be the top sustainable packaging in 2007. In addition, it also won the second American star award for food.

Gail Tavill, Vice President of Connegura Foods's Sustainable Development Division, pointed out: “At Conergy Foods, we are focused and committed to adopting new and better packaging materials that are environmentally friendly and designed to be easier to recycle. We are very proud that our Hunt's ketchup bottle can win this world award." (Source: Business Club)

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