PE bottle market application field

Medicinal and cosmetic plastic bottles

Different from the PET bottles produced by the injection stretch blow molding process, pharmaceutical and cosmetic bottles are mostly PE bottles for extrusion production, particularly detergent bottles. At present, transparent bottles are becoming more and more popular. However, the vast majority of shampoo bottles are still made of opaque PE bottles. Instead, individual caps are changed to transparent PP. In the future, highly transparent PP bottles and PET bottles will gain more applications in shampoo hair care packaging.

Medicinal plastic bottles are mainly made of PE and PP. The use of PET bottles in this field is limited due to the need to consider light protection. However, the general trend is to use more and more. Some manufacturers of medium and low-speed PET equipment have already targeted the pharmaceutical packaging.

Hollow containers grow to large scale and multilayer

More than 100 liters of plastic hollow containers have become commonplace. Domestic equipment can already be produced and meet the needs. A 200-liter PE barrel can even meet the requirements of a Class II maritime transport hazard rule instead of a 200-liter closed steel drum. More than 1 ton of PE plastic barrels have already had several domestic production enterprises. The promotion and application of such packaging barrels is expected to make them the main forms of liquid packaging for the petrochemical and chemical industries.

In addition, large hollow vessels are moving toward double- and multi-layer co-extrusion.

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