Lightweight glass bottles reduce fuel consumption for transportation

Recently, the British non-profit organization Waste and Resource Action Plan (WRAP) has launched a project to encourage glass bottle manufacturers and food and beverage companies to use lightweight glass containers to reduce the fuel consumption of glass waste and glass products transportation. the amount.

WRAP has prompted the British glass industry to produce a new lightweight glass bottle for liquids such as wine and coffee. However, existing manufacturing, bottling, transportation, etc. processes are designed for traditional heavier, more solid glass containers and do not apply to this new, sustainable design. Light glass, whether empty or full, increases the risk of glass breakage at container manufacturers, beverage bottling plants, and delivery trucks. In order to identify the fragile locations of glass in the bottling plant, Irish glass manufacturers need to use the systems provided. By locating the source of excessive pressure and the collision problem between the bottle and the machine or other bottle, the problem of landfilling caused by broken glass is mitigated.

Source: China Building Materials Network

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