Screen Truepress Jet650UV Industrial Inkjet

The 2009 American International Plastics Exhibition (NPE2009) was held today in Chicago, USA. Japan Screen's highly efficient on-demand printing solution developed specifically for manufacturing manufacturing - Truepress Jet650UV Industrial Inkjet Printing System made its debut in the North American market.

Web Screen Truepress Jet650 UV Industrial inkjet printing system's versatile production capabilities can be printed on plastic film, paper and board. By then, it will surely make the participating audience eye-opener. Screen (United States) will demonstrate the prototype of the Truepress Jet650UV industrial inkjet printing system. At the same time, flexible ultraviolet (UV) inks developed specifically for this device will also be available.
Screen Truepress Jet650UV Industrial inkjet printing system combines the best resolution and precision overprinting to meet the needs of different industrial users. The environmental protection embodied in the printing of colorful products also greatly exceeds other similar products. The high precision and stability of the equipment are unique.
The screen Truepress Jet650UV is a versatile large-format high-speed printing device that can print on various substrates such as dashboards, labels, and medical device control panels for transportation devices including automobiles, motorcycles, ships, and sleds.

PS Crystal Hangers

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PS Crystal Hangers

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