Bamboo and rattan furniture advantages

Bamboo and rattan furniture and general solid wood furniture have unparalleled advantages.

1. Natural and environmentally friendly. All products are made of 100% natural logs in purely physical way, without odor and harmful radiation, ready to use. The glued curved wood furniture on the market is made with a large number of chemical adhesives. Not conducive to human health.

2. Sturdy and durable. Whether it is glued curved wood furniture or bamboo and rattan furniture, due to its material and manufacturing limitations, it is easy to foam, crack or absorb moisture after sun and rain. And our furniture is natural logs ( The density is extremely large. It is made by integral bending and does not damage the internal structure of the wood. Therefore, the rigidity and strength are higher than that of ordinary solid wood furniture, and it does not deform or crack in a humid and dry environment.

3. High-grade, comfortable, taste. Solid wood curved furniture has a beautiful and smooth shape, the natural pattern of the log, it is more suitable for the human physiological curve, especially comfortable. Whether in the craft level or the overall appearance, it is glued curved wood and general solid wood Unmatched furniture.

4. Light and convenient for movement. The general solid wood furniture is cumbersome and inconvenient to carry. Our furniture products are very light and easy to transport and store.

Baby Changing Pads:

Baby Changing pads, some will call changing mats, nursery changing pads etc.. Most diaper Baby Bags include the mats. But individual changing mats will be more functional, like organizers attached on it, also there is a pillow on it. These changing pads will be better than the bags` accessories.

Changing PadsChanging Mat

Most changing mats are in polyester or PU leather coated with PVC or PE/EVA. Coated with PVC will be cheaper than PE/EVA.

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Diaper Changing Pads

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