New home formaldehyde super standard owner angered furniture shop owner

A young couple bought a set of furniture less than two months after the renovation of the new house. Dizziness and other symptoms appeared after the check-in. After testing, the furniture formaldehyde exceeded the standard. To this end, the two sued the furniture store owner to the court. Yesterday morning, the Shunyi Court heard the case.

According to Mr. Xiao’s couple, in February of this year, they purchased TV cabinets, beds, sofas and other furniture from Jiang’s furniture store, which cost a total of 6,240 yuan. After buying the furniture for more than a month, I moved in and stayed. However, after only staying for 3 months, the two showed discomfort, manifested as dizziness, nausea, nose bleeding, stomach aches, decreased immunity and frequent colds.

On July 30 this year, the plaintiff entrusted the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to test indoor air. The test result was that the formaldehyde was seriously exceeded. In September of the same year, they again commissioned the Beijing Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau to test the cabinet, and the test results were also excessive formaldehyde. Mr. Xiao and his wife therefore requested the defendant to return the purchase price of 6,240 yuan and compensation of 6,240 yuan, while the compensation for the total inspection fee of 1,700 yuan, etc., to do a comprehensive physical examination and public apology, compensation for mental damages of 5,000 yuan.

Yesterday, the defendant Jiang’s son appeared as an agent. He said: "The furniture sold in the store is graded. The plaintiffs purchase low-grade furniture. The plaintiff map is cheap, there is good furniture, and the loss should be borne by itself." In addition, the plaintiff made the house before buying the furniture. After renovation, it is impossible to prove that the detection of excessive standards is a problem with furniture.

Jiang’s son also said that the lacquered furniture will pass after a period of volatilization. The furniture of this material is not as good as solid wood, and it is not environmentally friendly. "If the defendant said that it was not environmentally friendly, could I still buy it? They only said that the material was different when they were introduced." Mr. Xiao said angrily.

Mr. Xiao also pointed out that the furniture he purchased did not have a certificate of conformity. In this regard, Jiang’s son said that as long as it is MDF paint, no one in the country dares to say that his formaldehyde does not exceed the standard, and there is no certificate. Even if there is a certificate, it is fake.

Since the two sides do not agree to mediation, the court will decide on the date of the decision.

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