The effect of the inner lip in the autumn is more significant.

The skin tissue layer on the lips is just like the skin around the eyes. It is very thin. It is especially sensitive to the environment of dry air and low temperature. It is easy to be smiled, drink water, eat, talk, and be easily Wrinkles are caused by the movement, so the dryness of the lips is more obvious in the autumn and winter. Now give everyone 3 strokes of lip emergency, first save the damaged lips.

The effect of the inner lip in the autumn is more significant.

Beauty Lip First Aid:

1. Apply a warm towel to your lips and apply a lip balm to massage.

2. Apply a proper amount of honey to the lips and leave it for about a quarter of an hour. Then wipe and apply the lip balm.

3. Cut a small piece of lip balm with plastic wrap, heat it in a microwave until it melts, then stick the melted lipstick film on the lips and remove it after twenty minutes.

Autumn and winter care lips are a long-term daily work, and only in the daily care can we have a moist lips in the coming winter.

The effect of the inner lip in the autumn is more significant.

First, internal care

1. Eat more fresh vegetables. The rich vitamin B2 and vitamin A contained in fresh vegetables can quickly replenish the chapped lips caused by the lack of vitamins. At the same time, fresh vegetables also contain a lot of water, and you can get the water inside when you eat them. Very suitable for dealing with lip problems are yellow bean sprouts, rapeseed, cabbage, white radish and so on.

2. Replenish moisture in time. In addition to the lack of vitamins, the main reason for the chapped lips is the lack of water in the body. Therefore, hydration is essential. Especially the office family, sitting in front of the computer for a long time, should be more affected by the radiation to add some water. The amount of drinking water should be controlled at around 200ml.

3. Change bad habits. There are many people whose lips are peeling, and even the bleeding is not caused by dryness, but by the long time of licking and biting the lips. Therefore, if you really want to protect your lips, you should start by getting rid of these bad habits.

The effect of the inner lip in the autumn is more significant.

Second, external care

诀窍 1, gently clean the lips. Lip skin is more sensitive, try to choose a milder nature when choosing a makeup remover. Gently press on the lips with a clean cotton moisturizing lip remover for 5 seconds, then divide the lips into 4 zones and gently wipe from the lip corners.

诀窍 2, to the dead skin. Lip-specific exfoliating products generally contain a cool mint formula that smoothes and moisturizes the lips while also providing a repairing and calming effect, once a week. But don't panic if your lips have already lifted a small skin. Steam with the hot steam for 3 minutes, then apply a hot towel for about 1 minute to "melt" the small skin, and you can say goodbye to the small wrinkles.

诀窍 3: Lip massage. Massage the lips also gives you a moving lips. The method is: use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the upper lip, the index finger does not move, the thumb is gently pressed; then use your index finger and thumb to pinch the lower lip, the thumb does not move, gently move the index finger to massage the lower lip. Then, massage the upper and lower lips rhythmically in the opposite direction in the above manner, and repeat it several times, which can reduce the lateral wrinkles of the lips.

诀窍 4, carry lip balm with you. To prevent dryness and peeling of the lips, you must carry lip balm with you, especially lip balm containing vitamin E. When choosing lip balm, pay attention to the lip balm that is not easy to discolor and has little damage to the lips.

诀窍 5, honey lip care. Honey is a natural beauty material with a natural moisturizing ingredient that is ideal for protecting the lips. If the lips feel dry, apply honey to your lips.

诀窍 6, baby oil + olive oil lip. Stir the baby oil and olive oil evenly. Dip the oil with a cotton swab before bathing and apply it to the lips in a spiral shape. Repeat the application after bathing. The lips will remain watery for a few days. >>>Teach you to understand the essence of the essence and deep skin care in autumn

Lip care essentials:

The effect of the inner lip in the autumn is more significant.

1, Maybelline through the net instant cleansing soothing eye and lip makeup remover

The water and oil layered and mixed texture, smooth and silky after shaking, relatively clear and slightly thick. Enriched with plant-active peptides and antioxidants, it is gentle and non-irritating, completely removes makeup and protects skin.

The effect of the inner lip in the autumn is more significant.

2, Paula Jane selected microcrystalline lip exfoliating cream

The unique round microcrystalline texture gently removes the horniness of the lips and relieves the pain of dry and cleft lips. It can be used in conjunction with Paula's selection of lip care cream to restore moist and soft lips.

The effect of the inner lip in the autumn is more significant.

3, Mentholatum natural plant lip balm

A pure natural plant lip balm that achieves a pleasant moisturizing effect with a gentle application, and the cream is very smooth and can moisturize the lips for a long time. After application, not only the moisturizing feeling is obviously enhanced, but also the gloss of the lips is improved a lot.

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