Cloth bedding also blows pastoral style

Curtains: With light-colored furniture and walls, the color of the curtains should not be too deep. A light, subtle color with a delicate flower pattern is a good choice. The texture of the curtains should not feel too heavy. High-quality cotton, linen and snow wool are the most suitable choices. St. Vichy software furniture share the sofa: the color of the sofa is generally warm, like the shallow orange, pink, grass green can show the tranquility and freshness of the pastoral style. The sofa can be selected with the same color and pattern of fabrics as the curtains. It is also possible to mix and match different colors and patterns to make the layout of the living room more visually rich and full.
Cushions: Flower-patterned cushions and fresh and refined pastoral style homes are perfect match! Whether it is the romance of roses, the elegant jasmine, or the tranquility of camellia, it will make an ordinary cushion full of fun.
Bedding: The choice of color should also meet the requirements of lightness. With natural white furniture, it creates a comfortable and comfortable bedroom.
Small pieces of cloth: cute green strip bag rabbit, pink heart-shaped bag sachet, sunflower pattern cloth magazine rack... seemingly inadvertent little things, but make your home feel particularly vivid and warm.

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