[Learn] How to carry out excellent class activities in Jilin

In 2014, the Ministry of Education issued the “Notice on Launching the 2014 “One Teacher, One Excellent Course, One Class One Teacher” activity, and Jilin Province actively organized and organized the province's excellent course activities. In order to promote the smooth development of the excellent course activities, the Education Department of Jilin Province issued the implementation plan for the 2014 “One Teacher, One Excellent Course, One Class One Teacher” activity. The program requires the establishment of a team of experts, network teaching and research studios; organization of backbone training activities; follow-up on online registration, registration, and drying lessons; clear time for selection of “study classes” and “excellent classes” at all levels. Each county is responsible for selecting 15% of the total number of classes in the region and reporting it to the city. Each city is responsible for selecting 15% of the county-level “excellent courses” as a municipal “excellent class” to report to the province, according to the number and selection of local classes. Submitted to the national selection.

In November 2014, the convening of provincial-level training video conferences kicked off the excellent class activities in Jilin Province. Later, the Hanjiang District, Longtan District, Jiutai District and other places convened the kick-off meeting for the excellent course activities. The excellent class activities were rapidly developed in various parts of Jilin Province, and the excellent class activities entered the stage of recording and drying.

With the advancement of the excellent class activities, the evaluation stage is coming soon. Each region actively carried out a staged summary meeting to grasp the final opportunity for drying lessons. For example, Gongzhuling held a mid-term promotion meeting for the excellent course activities, and put forward a series of requirements and encouragement policies: 1. The municipal backbone teachers must participate in the sun class activities; 2. The class promoted by the province, the class teacher will be rated as the municipal level. 3; The class that is promoted by the province will be rated as a city-level quality course and a certificate of quality class; 4. The development of each class's excellent course activities is an important part of the annual teaching inspection; 5. A weekly newspaper system is implemented. Zhou Xiangquan City reported the progress of the activities, ranking and publicity. The convening of these conferences is of great significance to the 2014 class of the excellent course, and is ready for the next step of the excellent course selection.

In the recording stage of the excellent course, how to realize the large-scale regular classroom video recording in a short time? Although the conventional manual shooting mode can capture the video of high-definition quality, the shooting process is easy to interfere with the classroom teaching, and the film needs to be made at the end of the film. The cost of manpower and material resources is relatively high. At the same time, the special class activities require the online “teaching” submitted by the teacher to include a complete classroom teaching design, courseware and related resources, classroom recording and evaluation exercises. Taking a good video to get a quick start requires a full-featured platform support. In order to realize the regular teaching, ensure the recording effect of the excellent course video, reduce the workload of post-editing, and conveniently complete the task of drying the lesson, many areas use high-performance recording and broadcasting equipment to carry out the excellent course activities. In April 2015, Changchun Sixth Middle School used the recording and broadcasting equipment to conduct an audio recording of the excellent course video. With the help of Ovia's recording and broadcasting equipment, the Sixth Middle School completed the recording of the excellent courses of various disciplines and grades in the school by means of manual guidance, and quickly realized the task of drying the lesson. Nowadays, the use of recording equipment for excellent class shooting has become a trend.

On July 3, 2015, the National “One Teacher, One Excellent Course, One Class One Teacher” activity promotion meeting was successfully held in Changchun City, Jilin Province. The heads of the basic education department, the audio-visual hall and the teaching and research department of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps participated in the meeting. The conference played an important role in promoting the excellent course activities in 2014. The conference invited Ovia to participate in the recording of the conference and recorded the valuable conference process. At the promotion meeting, the meeting made a detailed interpretation of the evaluation rules, and clarified that in mid-July, the excellent class activities will enter the evaluation stage. The convening of this meeting is a phased summary of the excellent course activities. The promotion of the national special class activities promotion meeting was held in Jilin, which is an affirmation of the achievements of the excellent class activities in Jilin Province.

The results of the 2014 Excellent Class will be announced at the end of September, and the first phase of the class will be completed in 2 months. The second phase of the excellent course activity is about to begin. Jilin Province has accumulated valuable experience in the promotion of the first round of excellent course activities, laying a solid foundation for the next year's activities, which is beneficial to the first division of 2015. The development of excellent class activities.

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