How to choose cabinet accessories

The Cabinet is a cabinet, but not only that. Many people regard the cabinet as a cabinet for IT equipment. For the computer itself, the cabinet also has an important auxiliary function with the power supply. A good cabinet means that the computer can run in a good environment. Today Xiaobian introduces you how to choose cabinet accessories.

Cabinet Accessories Selection Tip 1: List all the equipment installed in the cabinet and its complete measurement data: height, length, width, weight. The total height of these devices will ultimately determine how many devices can be loaded into the cabinet. Obviously, tall cabinets can hold more equipment and save more space.

Of course, the height of the cabinet is not the only consideration, and there are also a lot of places available at the rear of the cabinet. This is why you want to measure the depth of the cabinet. By choosing a deeper cabinet, you can install two sets of equipment face to face to install more equipment.

Cabinet Accessories Selection Tip 2: Although the cabinets look almost the same, there are several types of subdivisions depending on their usefulness. Rarely are cabinets for wiring and cabinets for mounting servers, and cabinet manufacturers. This kind of product is called a wiring rack; in addition, the cabinet for placing the server must be locked with a door because it is necessary to protect the valuable equipment inside, so the more expensive routers and firewalls are generally placed in such cabinets.

Cabinet accessories selection skill three: anti-jamming and other. A fully functional cabinet should provide a variety of door locks and other functions, such as dust, water or electronic shielding, etc. It should also provide support for accessories and mounting accessories to make wiring more convenient and easy to manage. ,save time and energy.

The above small series introduces you to the method of selecting cabinet accessories. I hope it will be useful to everyone~

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