What is the high profit of bottle cap packaging?

In the packaging industry, bottle cap production and processing has always been in a labor-intensive and low-profit processing industry. Many manufacturers can only earn very low profits to maintain the development of the company. Therefore, some difficult-to-produce small and medium cap companies chose to switch production or close the door. For the bottle cap industry, finding high profits is a breakthrough point for all manufacturers and the entire industry. The author believes that the following aspects are possible breakthrough points for bottle cap manufacturers.

The first aspect is anti-counterfeit bottle caps. The price of anti-counterfeit bottle caps is several times or more than that of ordinary bottle caps. This is an absolutely high profit area in the bottle cap market. Li Peng, the only listed company in the bottle cap industry, is also engaged in the production of security wine bottle caps. Not only bottle caps, we know that the current domestic market is full of fake and shoddy products. Cosmetic bottle caps, food bottle caps, etc. continue to introduce security caps. This is where our bottle cap manufacturers can actively enter the field.

The second area is the field of innovative bottle caps, which contains more high added value. We know that many bottle caps are now designed to be unreasonable and humanized, investing in research and development of funds, designing caps that are more in line with people's needs and preferences, and controlling the market through patent protection. For example, the spray pump is based on the fact that the traditional bottle cap cannot be realized, but its profit is much higher than that of an ordinary bottle cap.

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