NORTHLAND and Wang Hao Dan enjoy the natural "go along with it"

NORTHLAND and Wang Hao Dan enjoy the natural "go along with it"
Date: 2016-02-26 14:27

February 24, 2016, Beijing ISPO (The 12th Asian Sports Goods and Fashion Show). From the Austrian outdoor brand of the national treasure level, outdoor industry leader NORTHLAND launched the new brand slogan in 2016 and joined forces with the latest brand spokesperson, Wang Haodan, to launch a new upgraded version of NORTHLAND Light Sunscreen.

NORTHLAND has always taken outdoor sports comfort as the core, relying on the brand's strong innovation and technology to continuously launch new products, and has been leading the trend of outdoor sports for decades. In 2016, NORTHLAND first proposed a new brand slogan and it is hoped that it will lead all outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors, take risks without risk, return to nature, be more casual, obey the inner pursuit, and enjoy the essence of outdoor sports freely and freely. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

In order to provide consumers with a more intuitive experience of the spiritual core and pleasure, NORTHLAND2016's fully upgraded light and sunscreen flap skin suits will be launched in spring and summer, focusing on outdoor sun protection function, and with its consistently excellent breathability, elasticity, etc. The function, as thin as the characteristics of the flap, opens up a comfortable, comfortable and full-featured outdoor experience.

At the same time, the brand of NORTHLAND, for the first time, cooperated with the Chinese New Zealand Xiaohuadan and famous actor Wang Haodan as the new brand spokesperson, leading outdoor enthusiasts and consumers to jointly enjoy the brand's outstanding outdoor technology and products. NORTHLAND also launched an activity called the Heartwalker Initiative. Consumers participating in the event will have the opportunity to travel to Austria with Wang Dandan and enjoy a cultural tour of the birthplace.

Outdoor pioneers originate in Austria

Born in Austria, the birthplace of outdoor culture, the brand of NORTHLAND has had an extremely pure outdoor cultural heritage since its inception in 1973. It has been regarded as the Austrian national outdoor sports brand in the future development. Founder Gerwalt Pichler, an Austrian mountaineer, has grown up with nature and has sought for breakthroughs and enjoyment of outdoor sports for life. This instilled the brand's focus and persistence at the beginning of the creation of the NORTHLAND brand, constantly challenging the spirit of innovation. Through constant exploration, accumulation and innovation, Nordland has grown from a professional brand focused on extreme climbing and mountaineering to a full line of outdoor brands that cover walking and outdoor travel. It has more than 2,000 stores in 42 countries around the world. Currently, NORTHLAND has become GORE-TEX's largest strategic partner in China. EXOTHERM, the brand's exclusive research and development fabric, is known as the all-weather comfort radar, which guarantees all-weather comfort during outdoor activities. At the same time, it is also associated with 3M, Polartec, etc. The cooperation of the world's top fabric suppliers ensures excellent product quality.

Since the brand entered China, in order to stimulate and meet the needs of more and more outdoor sports enthusiasts in China, and lead the concept of outdoor life for Chinese consumers to help the outdoor sports, NORTHLAND insists on innovation and constantly upgrades, and in the spring and summer of 2016. With brand new upgrades and a variety of flaps and skin suits with different designs, we offer Chinese consumers a sun-protected, lightweight, breathable outdoor experience, advocating for all consumers to enjoy the outdoors and follow their hearts.

Follow the heart of the new wing upgrade

Focus on the outdoor experience, advocating the return to nature of the NORTHLAND brand, has always advocated a healthy and comfortable outdoor sports life. At the beginning of 2016, the brand based on the keen sense of consumers' current outdoor lifestyle trends, put forward brand-new expressions by taking it as one's heart, trying to introduce consumers to the nature and enjoying comfortable outdoor life. Every friend who loves life can listen to his own heart, get rid of everyday urban life and work pressure, bid farewell to the multiple problems of outdoor sports such as wetness, extreme weather, and exposure, and experience the inner peace and landscape brought by natural outdoor sports. Fun, take it!

Since the official launch of NORTHLAND ultralight skin suit in China in 2009, it has become a core outdoor essential product of the brand. Because of its emphasis on ultra-light portable use of the experience, and its thin as a flap features won wide recognition. Wingskin skin suits became the general name of such products in 2011, and became the pilot product of the skin clothing category. In the past five years, the flap wing family has been upgraded several times, taking into consideration product performance and appearance design, and has gradually become a full-featured product that integrates windproof, breathable, and sun protection. In 2012, NORTHLAND won the Asian Women's Outdoor Industry Award for the Best Women's Wear Award and the 2013 Effie Award for Marketing Capsules at the time. In the spring and summer of 2016, the flap series was upgraded again. The new sunscreen flapper skin suit, fully aware of outdoor sports needs, focusing on more powerful sun protection features, will provide consumers with comfortable and comfortable outdoor enjoyment, while eliminating the UV trouble, more freewheeling outdoor pursuits, follow your heart .

Enjoy Nature 2016 Outdoor New Life

In addition to the new brand-new concept and the launch of a strong sunscreen, the professional outdoor brand NORTHLAND will offer more surprises for consumers in 2016! At the beginning of the new year, the brand of Nordland joined hands with the famous actor in the Mainland, Wang Haodan, as a brand new spokesperson. , more comprehensive interpretation of the idea and story to follow, and lead all consumers to open a new outdoor trend. Awarded as one of the New Fourth Flower Stars in mainland China, Wang Haodan has created one brave, one firm, one after another, following the screen image of the heart, which coincides with the brand-new idea of ​​the brand. At the same time, loves the outdoors and nature. She will continue to help the Nordland brand fully interpret the power of natural charm and walking in the future.

At the same time, the Nordland brand will return to its place of birth as an outdoor sports resort in Austria. Together with the Austrian National Tourism Administration, it will launch the Heartwalker Program to show all Chinese consumers the natural beauty of the brand's hometown of Austria and then to the scenic Carinthia. Hallstatt, Ötz Valley, Steiermark, and Kaprun in the Alps, lead consumers to experience authentic Austrian pedigree, enter new life outdoors, listen to the heart, return to nature, and follow the heart !

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