How to choose two-door wardrobe bedroom two-door wardrobe size introduction

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] It is well known that there are many different types of wardrobe designs on the market. With the popularity of small units, the two-door wardrobe is one of the first choices for many families when purchasing wardrobes. How are you planning to buy a two-door wardrobe? Then you know how to choose a two-door wardrobe? What is the size of the two-door wardrobe? Let's take a look!

Introduction to the two-door wardrobe

As the name suggests, the two-door wardrobe is a wardrobe with two doors, which are generally placed in a small room, such as a second bedroom or a children's room. The two-door wardrobe is smaller than the four-door wardrobe and the overall wardrobe , and the storage capacity is relatively weak, but it can fully satisfy the storage of children's clothing. The two-door wardrobe is economical and does not take up space. It is also easier to lay out at home.

Two-door wardrobe size

The height of the cabinet of the short coat or suit is not less than 800cm; the height of the cabinet of the long coat is not less than 130cm; the purchase of the two-door wardrobe is generally used for two people or individuals to store, so the size of the two-door wardrobe is in the wardrobe. In the model, the size and size are not large. Generally, the height is between 1.8m and 2.3m. The main difference is the decoration and carving of the top of the wardrobe.

Two-door wardrobe size

The length and width of the two-door wardrobe are the key points to pay attention to when purchasing a wardrobe. The size of the two-door wardrobe is too small. If the manufacturer designs the wardrobe to have a low size, the functionality of the wardrobe will be greatly reduced, and it will not even meet the needs of one's daily storage. The standard two-door wardrobe has a length and width between 1.5×0.5m and 1.8m×0.8m. It is a suitable two-door wardrobe design ratio.

The size ratio of the two-door wardrobe is also a very important standard for measuring the wardrobe size. The reasonable proportion of the wardrobe has a great influence on the overall appearance of the wardrobe. The size ratio of the wardrobe is too large, which makes the overall shape of the wardrobe look bloated, and the ratio is too small, which is a sense of length and width. The upper end of the entire wardrobe is usually set up to place unused items such as quilts, and the height is not less than 40cm.

How about the two-door wardrobe?

The two-door wardrobe is generally used to store one's clothes, and does not require much space. Therefore, the two-door wardrobes are generally designed to be simple and elegant, and because the two-door wardrobe is small in size, it does not take up much space in the room. It is also easier to match with other homes, and it is relatively easy to lay out.

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