Well-known brand packaging design appreciation

Rococo Design Co., Ltd. is a design consulting company that pursues high-quality services. Founded in 2001, Rococo Design has continued to provide product design, structural design, UI design and brand design for famous brands and developing companies at home and abroad. At present, the main service areas include digital electronics, medical devices, instruments and equipment, fashion consumption, public facilities and other industries, and established stable and good relations of cooperation with Samsung, Nokia, Siemens and other world's top 500 companies.

Rococo advocates taking the ultimate concern of human nature as the core design concept, adhering to the design and research first, and helping the products and the brand to bring about a revolutionary improvement with the design quality beyond the requirements, thereby gaining greater market share.

In Rococo, a group of talented people who love designs, are full of vitality, and have different knowledge backgrounds, boldly learn from the international standards of design management, provide more professional and thoughtful services, make perfect designs, and ensure the eternal quality of design services.