On the Application of Calligraphy Art in Packaging Design

Chinese calligraphy is an independent art that uses the brush to write Chinese characters. Chinese box characters (ie, Chinese characters) are one of the three ancient languages ​​in the world. The other two were the ancient Egypt's pictorial text. The first was the wedge text of the Sumerians and the Babylonians. Both of these words were interrupted. China's kanji development has continued until today. In addition to its practicality, Chinese characters, as a tool for recording language and a medium for conveying feelings, also have its artistic characteristics, expressing people's emotional activities and psychological feelings, etc., as well as different types of present-day strokes and other elements through the length of Chinese characters themselves. , The character, direction, and size of the characters compose endless characters. We should admit that since Chinese characters have been written, the art of calligraphy will follow. Because the composition of Chinese characters has a quest for beauty. The writing of Chinese characters through the brush makes the characters such as 篆, 隶, 楷, 、, 草 and 具有 have high aesthetic value and artistic characteristics. This is the unique calligraphy art of our country.

Calligraphy art is an abstract art. The connotation it expresses through the appearance of a point painting is implicit, ambiguous, vivid, and rich. As the saying goes: Interlines do not matter. For example, the poetry and painting of song and dance are the same as calligraphy. Calligraphy has the melody of music. He is filled with the harmony of fast and slow rhythm, and the strong and weak unified chapter in silence. It is silent music. Calligraphy has the grace of dance, the pitching movement, the dynamic of jumping the god, it is still dance; Calligraphy is a literary composition, with the beginning and the end of marriage, echoing, there is a climax, there is a focus, there is an end, is the literature of asynchrony and tendencies; calligraphy has the location of the painting, the reality of the virtual reality, the look of charm, shades of light, is a colorless painting In addition, calligraphy also has rhythm of the poetry, the formation of chess and so on.

With the development of the times, the acceleration of the information society, the unprecedented competition in the market economy, and the integration of various sister arts with each other, they are mutually beneficial and learn from each other. The design of visual communication in modern design is also drawing on various new nutrition, such as the rationality of Chinese characters, the artistic style of Chinese calligraphy, and the trends and achievements of modern designs at home and abroad, etc., which are all of our designers. the problem we are facing. Undoubtedly, China's overall design level is very different from that of developed countries. After China's accession to the WTO, domestic products must be competitive in the international market. In addition to product quality, packaging and decoration design cannot be ignored. In order to solve the problem, we must learn from the new techniques, new ideas, new concepts, and new materials of foreign design, and make new breakthroughs in the level of Chinese packaging design to participate in international competition. However, while drawing on foreign excellent designs, we must not neglect the most characteristic and representative things of the nation. Throughout the previous "Star of the World" competition, most of China's award-winning works have proved the principle of "nationality is the world." In Japan, some outstanding designers have already merged the art of calligraphy into design, and have already formed the packaging design style of Japan. Such a prominent design theme, accurate information transmission, and strong visual impact can attract consumers' attention. Arouse people's desire to buy, the most to achieve the purpose of promotion. Japanese people are very fond of Chinese characters and have studied Chinese calligraphy very thoroughly. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Chinese calligraphy was introduced to Japan. The Japanese formed a calligraphy art form with Japanese characteristics through repeated exploration and practice. Japanese designers widely use calligraphy fonts for creative design, and ink culture is well represented in commodity packaging. Calligraphic typefaces have different styles due to their different generations, and they are unique in their application to interior design. With rich expression and artistic appeal, it can fully reflect the geographical and cultural characteristics of the product. In the creation process, designers take full account of the characteristics of the product itself, and pay attention to the coordination relationship with other design elements. The design of the font is cool and smooth, with splashes of ink; or it is elegant and elegant. The form is colorful, full of rhythm and rhythm beauty. With strong visual impact, it can add infinite charm to the picture. We can feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture in Japanese packaging. China is the originator of the art of calligraphy, but in designing Japan, it is ahead of China. This is a problem that attracts Chinese designers.

In visual communication design, figure, text, and color are the basic elements of a piece of work, while graphics and words play a leading role. Text is more and more important in the design, so packaging designers need to be innovative in terms of graphics, text, color, etc., and strive to be innovative and unique in concept. Some designs are often tied to changes in art characters, while the use of calligraphy art is rarely used and further studied. Of course, art characters have their own advantages. They have neat, standardized, and rigorous beauty. However, some packaging designs are overly rigorous, yet they are somewhat dull, lack human touch, and do not achieve an ideal state. Calligraphy art can make up for these deficiencies. Using archaic characters can make people have a valuable and antique feeling for packaged goods, which is especially suitable for the packaging design of antiques, jewelry, jade articles and native products. Adopting a positive book body will give people a modern, dignified and evenly balanced feel. The fonts have the characteristics of stable knots, solid pen and ink sinking, and are applicable to a variety of mechanical and electrical products, light industrial products, foods and beverages, etc. The use of regular script will give customers elegant, simple and elegant quality. In the modern applied arts, especially the domestic designers often used the seals for New Year's cards, invitations, and so on. Badges, patterns and so on. The strengths and weaknesses of the Lishu, pitching back, fat and thin, the size of the primary and secondary styles; cursive posture indulgence, priority, irresistible, continuous rewind, giving people the intention to move the mood of the gods; the shades of scripture, both static and dynamic, There is masculine beauty. The cursive script is also smart and lively. It also has the characteristics of easy-to-read characters, fast writing, etc. It is used in tobacco and wine packaging, book decoration, and advertising posters. The beauty in calligraphy is helpful to us. The theme to be designed for deeper play in order to achieve better design results. In short, the proper use of the art of calligraphy will give people a very high aesthetic realm. Even foreigners who do not understand Chinese are inclined to pour it out. Its beauty and appealing power cannot be replaced by art characters.

In recent years, the art of calligraphy has been increasingly valued by the design community. Some excellent packaging works have emerged. These works not only enable consumers to appreciate the beauty of calligraphy, but also have a high value for collection. Many Chinese teas are packed in a tea with a cursive or running script on a light green background, and a glass of pure tea is added to the lower right part of the tea. This has produced good results in decoration and is in tune with the essence of the goods. The design of the cover of some books, especially books with heavier traditional culture, is often written by calligraphers, plus a little beautification, which is elegant and rich in quality. In some flavorful snacks and convenient food packaging, the text is arranged in a variety of changes, and the performance effect of lively, jumping, and dynamic is pursued. In the packaging of electronic information products, generally use simple, stylish, eye-catching fonts, coupled with a flexible and flexible arrangement. Embodies the characteristics of the era of goods and high-tech features. This is a good result of the full use of the decorative beauty of Chinese calligraphy. The use of calligraphy makes the entire design highlight the noble, elegant, simple, stylish design style of the product.

Moreover, because of the different positioning of product brands, product positioning, and consumer positioning, the art of calligraphy will also be different. Such as men and women cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes, food and so on. Pursue the artistic effect of the unceasing and indiscriminate splashing of the calligraphy fonts; the pursuit of the vivid and beautiful beauty of the typefaces in the quick and painless transfer of ink. The lines between the lines contain a relaxed and natural atmosphere with a humanistic atmosphere, allowing people to appreciate the deep cultural connotation and achieve a picturesque artistic conception. With the development of society and the continuous advancement of science and technology, the design of standardization, unification, and batch-oriented packaging will be increasingly neglected. They are boring, monotonous, less vivid and more diverse. Male packaging calligraphy must be bold and bold, women must be elegant and feminine, children's products, tourism products, packaging fonts should be naive, lively, lively and joyful, there is a clear sense of rhythm and rhythm, giving people a sense of vitality and so on. Whether the use of calligraphy in these packaging designs is appropriate or not requires that packaging designers go deep into life, pay attention to research, and cultivate their own artistic accomplishments. Only in this way can we greatly enrich our design concepts and design language, and make our works more unique and unique.

A large number of facts indicate that the special design of text has attracted more and more attention in the art design, and it has become more and more important. It has become an important topic in modern art design, and it also shows the knowledge and cultivation of calligraphy art. It plays a role that can not be ignored for the play of design talents; more application of manual arts and crafts in modern design has a wide future. In modern design, whether it is packaging, decoration, signs, books, posters, advertisements, or environmental design, the expression of calligraphy art can be used to broaden the field of modern design. Those engaged in design work should pay attention to the study and cultivation of the calligraphy art, adhere to the study of the basic skills of calligraphy, and insist on the exploration and application of calligraphy beauty, so that the abstract calligraphy art has greater charm in modern design.