Latest Technology: Coated Paper Digital Proofing Solution

In the field of printing, prepress digital proofing has always been done with special proofing papers for reasons such as equipment and consumables. On October 20th, 2011, “Big Digital Technology Leads the Future of Printing - Hongsheng Digital Pre-press Proofing Technology Exchange Forum” co-hosted by Bisheng Printing Network and Zhengzhou Hongsheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Hongsheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has brought a new digital proofing solution for the printing industry: Coated paper digital proofing solutions. In addition to coated paper proofing, Hongsheng Digital also brought media proofing solutions such as gold and silver cards, PVC, and PE films to the industry.

And all these secrets are hidden in the latest ink released by Hongsheng Digital.

Universal ink application in the printing industry

Ink characteristics: Hongsheng JETALL® Digital Proofing Ink is an aqueous nanopigment ink; high saturation, high stability, high color reproduction; excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, non-fading, fast-drying, permanent preservation, and high-tech In one, stable and smooth, to meet the demanding requirements of professional digital proofing.

Video: Hongsheng Universal Ink

Technical Forum

On October 21, 2011, following the “2011 China Printing Standardization Annual Conference & Printing Innovation Forum” held on the 20th, “By Hand in Digital Technology, Leading Printing” co-hosted by Bisheng Printing Network and Zhengzhou Hongsheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. The future - Hongsheng Digital Prepress Proofing Technology Exchange Forum was held in Beijing Hunan Building.

Color control experience

Mr. Shen Zhiwei, Technical Director of Beijing Shenglan Printing Technology Co., Ltd. introduced his work flow and color control experience over the years.

Application of inkjet technology in printing industry

Inkjet technology was proposed as early as 1960, but until 1976, the first commercial inkjet printer was born in IBM. The IBM-4640 uses the continuous inkjet technology developed by Hertz, a professor at the Lutheran Institute of Technology in Sweden, and his colleagues. However, this technique is almost used to drop ink dots onto paper. There is no practical value in reality. At this time, the focus of technological development changed from the earlier ink release point to paper, and it became the dominant ink control point. In the same year, three researchers from Siemens Technology developed and developed a successful piezoelectric ink dot control technology (predecessor of EPSON piezoelectric technology) and applied it to Seimens Pt-80 (volume-production in 1978), becoming the first commercial Value of inkjet printers.

Blueprinting and Digital Proofing Application Solutions

The printing factory does not require a high level of blueprint proofing, but it requires a high level of color proofing. Now all use proofing paper, the price is expensive, Hongsheng 6 universal ink can help companies achieve proofing on ordinary paper.

Analysis of Characteristics of Non-coated Direct Injection Proofing System

Coating-free direct injection proofing system features:

1. Directly spray all kinds of printing paper, the proofing effect is closest to printing

2. Low cost (normal paper + normal ink)

3. Water-based pigment ink waterproof and quick-drying, can be processed on a variety of post-processing

4 can do less print printing, solve the problem of the number of presses

5. Paper thickness up to 1.5mm, single sheets and reels can be used

6. With the standard ISO printing ICC Profile color essence

Output device color consistency: digital proofing and printing with color

The imaging principle and printing equipment of inkjet printers used in digital proofing are quite different, resulting in poor color consistency between printed samples and printed products. Therefore, the color control of digital proofing (color-matching) is particularly important in the entire proofing process, and the implementation process is also more complicated.

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